Feb 17, 2009

Back to Playing

So after many months of morning sickness and extreme work-related tiredness, it appears I'm back to playing WoW. Fozec and I hit level 80 this past weekend after a whirlwind leveling process. Foz is a slavedriver, to be sure.

There's been a lot that's gone on since I last posted. My guild is in the process of shutting down. Basically recruiting for 25-mans on an rp server in a Wrath environment proved to be too much. A lot of people have already found new homes. There's still a small group that logs in under the Ascent name, though.

In the near future our plans are to form a new guild to do 10-mans a couple of times a week. I say that but we've already done 14/15 of Naxx and 0D Sarth in the 3 days we've been level 80. I've also accumulated 54 heroic badges, if that tells you anything. I wasn't kidding about Foz and his whip.

The reason I've been able to start playing again is because my doctor pulled me out of work. Being preggers with 2 boys takes a lot out of you apparently. Sleeping in and taking naps lets me behave more like a normal person. :)

I've updated my equipment wish list to reflect what I can hope to attain given the items I have access to. I'm not sure how I feel about the PvP 25-man raid items. I know SC has plenty of Horde groups that go. I'm just not sure that's something I want to get into. /sceered

Oh, and one last thing... I levelled cooking. Yes, I was stunned at the thought, too, but Critter Bites were calling me. I've also done pretty well with my JC and alch professions.

Nov 19, 2008

More quiet from me, unfortunately. I haven't been able to play much due to feeling really tired and queasy a lot now. It's embarassing to still be level 71 on my main, while it seems like everyone else is getting ready for 10-mans. What makes things worse is I'm holding Fozec back, too, due to our "play together" pact.

All of that being said, I've enjoyed the new content I have seen. Everyone has been polite when it comes to waiting on respawns for the most part. I'd say 9 times out of 10 people will just stand in a line, waiting their turn at something.

Fozec got his belf DK to level 65 in a few days, so we took my hunter out for a spin. I missed playing her and it was pretty hilarous being one of the few non-DK in Outlands. I'm killing my way through Nagrand at the moment and that's one of my favorite zones. The only downside was the +480 queue on Shadow Council. Scarlet Crusade had zero queue that I've seen.

Nov 12, 2008

The Night Before Wrath

I've been quiet lately. This has been partly because we only got our interwebs back for real on Monday evening. Then yesterday, when we had all evening to enjoy the Wrath preamble, the servers were down. It's hard to talk about playing when you can't.

There's also been some other stuff brewing. For one, Fozec and I have decided to go casual for the expansion. We've given our friend (and GM) a week to mull it over. He's trying to decide what he wants to do. It appears he's up for continuing the 25-man thing, but nautrally 5 people are planning on going DK. lol

The reason we've decided to go casual (after almost 3 years of raiding) is because we've decided to start a family. :)

So the plan is for Fozec to reroll a belf DK so we have an option to play with my Draenei hunter, and casually work on our current mains - warrior/paladin. That will allow us to play whatever we feel like at the time.

Nov 10, 2008

No Interwebs

The internet hates us. Ok, more specifically, AT&T DSL is the suck. We've been without internet at home since Thursday evening. Every few hours Fozec calls the 1-800 number to laugh at the latest "Your coverage should return by XX" time. Yesterday they just gave up even updating the recording, so all day we were told we'd have service back by 9:30am.

Fozec has considered switching to cable but we doubt they'd be speedy enough to install it by Wrath. We haven't seen a single truck in our neighborhood, nor any signs of an astroid impact or severed cables laying across the road.

If we don't have internet, there's no real reason to take off work for WoW, either.

Great timing.

Nov 5, 2008

I Am Not Dead

Srsly, I have not croaked, even though I wanted to. Suffice it to say that things were bad enough I opted to stay at home and hold the couch down yesterday. Of course I made a miraclulous recovery by this morning so the peeps at work think I am a liar. Punks.

I don't have much in the way of WoW news. I am continuing to pretend that everything is just peachy in paladin land. If someone starts to say anything about a nerf, I just stick my fingers in my ears and hum. Loudly.

I have also decided that Blizz needs to start offering mailbox insurance. Basically for like $1 more per month, the crap in your mailbox will never expire. You can still only see a limited number of pages, so you'll have to clean stuff out to get to old things, but having 20 stacks of leather go poof because I forgot to log in on a char for a few months would be gone.

It sucks when that happens. More than once. :(

Oct 30, 2008

Achievements, aka 1 Man Raiding

It's been quiet around these parts due to an onslaught of "Omg, you need to do this yesterday!" at work. QQ I say. Things are pretty much back to normal for a few days at least.

Anyways... Fozec has been helping me get my "I am Hallowed, kneel before me peon!" achievement title. A bat costume last night put me over the top. Sinister Squashling became mine this year after many attempts full of fail last year. Yay!

It amazes me how many people just love them some achievements. I see bodies strewn across the ground below the Scryer tier, full T6 running around Desolace to get that last map reveal, and tons of I'll-let-you-kill-me-if-I-can-kill-you duels.

It's like Blizz has set up this world-wide raid, but instead of bosses for phat lewts, you're completing fancy quests for titles/pets/mounts. This is the new raiding scene and you don't even need an instance. There's no reset timers, and you can solo them at your own pace. Achievements are another tier of end game, besides 10-mans, 25-mans, and PvP. The nice thing is they overlap, too.

For me, though, I don't feel a huge draw to doing them. To be honest, I wouldn't have finished the Hallows End ones if Fozec hadn't set that as a goal for me. He logged in with my char and ran me around to Trick-or-Treat, for example. I think it would be different if the points could be turned in for something. I am lewt driven. Titles, ugly mounts/pets, and tabards are not motivators for me. I have all of 5 pets on Valyre, carefully selected over time. Same with my 2 epic flier mounts and 2 ground mounts. I am picky.

Oct 27, 2008

Why, Hello There!

First off, sorry for the afk. I had some top secret bizns to take care of.

So what's happened since we last chatted? A heck of a lot, I tell you. To start things off, we totally cleared SWP in about 6 hrs last week, leaving Sun/Mon available for total goofing off. AND KJ dropped the pally chest. I can has total rusted Chevy look now.

I also have been using my formerly dps shield with great success. It even matches better with the whole tetanus motif I've got going on. Excellent!

I also FINALLY got my zhevra mount from the RAF program. Man are those peeps stingy with the lewts. Naturally, like with everything else in WoW, there is a downside. This mount has... major junk in the trunk. I didn't know horse-type things could, but this one does. Horizontal stripes are not helping, either.

We finished off the weekend with various Hallows End achievements. I have the two old content pumpkin lewting ones and I need a squashling, but otherwise I think we've done them all.

Yes, this means I was in AV last night, pwn'ing on the healing meters to get the GNERD rage achievement. Fozec and I totally PvE'd the place down. I didn't even remember to put on my PvP trinket and he was prot in defensive stance the whole time. lawlnubs