Nov 12, 2008

The Night Before Wrath

I've been quiet lately. This has been partly because we only got our interwebs back for real on Monday evening. Then yesterday, when we had all evening to enjoy the Wrath preamble, the servers were down. It's hard to talk about playing when you can't.

There's also been some other stuff brewing. For one, Fozec and I have decided to go casual for the expansion. We've given our friend (and GM) a week to mull it over. He's trying to decide what he wants to do. It appears he's up for continuing the 25-man thing, but nautrally 5 people are planning on going DK. lol

The reason we've decided to go casual (after almost 3 years of raiding) is because we've decided to start a family. :)

So the plan is for Fozec to reroll a belf DK so we have an option to play with my Draenei hunter, and casually work on our current mains - warrior/paladin. That will allow us to play whatever we feel like at the time.

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gt said...

Many many congratulations :)