Oct 30, 2008

Achievements, aka 1 Man Raiding

It's been quiet around these parts due to an onslaught of "Omg, you need to do this yesterday!" at work. QQ I say. Things are pretty much back to normal for a few days at least.

Anyways... Fozec has been helping me get my "I am Hallowed, kneel before me peon!" achievement title. A bat costume last night put me over the top. Sinister Squashling became mine this year after many attempts full of fail last year. Yay!

It amazes me how many people just love them some achievements. I see bodies strewn across the ground below the Scryer tier, full T6 running around Desolace to get that last map reveal, and tons of I'll-let-you-kill-me-if-I-can-kill-you duels.

It's like Blizz has set up this world-wide raid, but instead of bosses for phat lewts, you're completing fancy quests for titles/pets/mounts. This is the new raiding scene and you don't even need an instance. There's no reset timers, and you can solo them at your own pace. Achievements are another tier of end game, besides 10-mans, 25-mans, and PvP. The nice thing is they overlap, too.

For me, though, I don't feel a huge draw to doing them. To be honest, I wouldn't have finished the Hallows End ones if Fozec hadn't set that as a goal for me. He logged in with my char and ran me around to Trick-or-Treat, for example. I think it would be different if the points could be turned in for something. I am lewt driven. Titles, ugly mounts/pets, and tabards are not motivators for me. I have all of 5 pets on Valyre, carefully selected over time. Same with my 2 epic flier mounts and 2 ground mounts. I am picky.

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Seri said...

I haven't felt the lure of achievements yet either. I've been watching guildies scramble trying to do everything at once with some amusement but... yeah, just haven't gotten swept up in it myself. Not that they didn't try!