Nov 30, 2007

DBM, WWS, and You Topping the Meters 24/7

While I'm a big fan of "These are the minute details of my WoW existance" blogs (like a BIG fan), I really get into the ones spiked with useful information. So after two posts of random crap, I'm ready to contribute to the internet void.

Deadly Boss Mods messes up your ability to record your combat log for WWS (WoW Web Stats).

There, I said it. A lot of people, including myself up until a few weeks ago, had no idea that DBM resets your combat log range when you log into WoW. If you've been merging multiple people's logs, then the effect may be small, but my guild tends to rely on 1 or 2 people.

I don't offer up problems without answers, though. Ok, with at least some idea of a suggestion...

In order to use WWS effectively (i.e. without skewing the data in your favor, muhahaha), you need to have your combat log range set at the Blizzard decreed maximum of 200 yds. Deadly Boss Mods has built-in function to extend your combat log range, but only to 150 yds. Below are some options to fix the problem or work around it.

Editing DBM Code
1) Open the API.lua in a text editor like Notepad
The file is typically found at C:\ProgramFiles\WorldofWarcraft\Interface\Addons\DBM\DBM_API/API.lua
2) Do a Find (ctrl+F) for “CombatLog”
3) Edit the following line as shown:
elseif (xOpt == 3) then rv = {"150", "150", "150", "150", "150", "150", "150", "150"};…
elseif (xOpt == 3) then rv = {"200", "200", "200", "200", "200", "200", "200", "200"};…
4) Save and close the file
5) Load into WoW and open DBM
6) Click on Options and then the Misc tab
7) Slide the Combat Range slider to 3 and click Ok

Using a Combat Log Recorder/Extender Addon
Since DBM changes your log range on log-in, you can use a log recorder/extender addons to extend the range after the fact. Just be sure to check their defaults before using them. Some start at less than 200 yds. These will also auto-start your log recording when you enter certain areas, etc.

Here are some common addons: AutoCL, CLSaver (BRK Recommended), and Loggerhead (search under "L"). I haven’t used them, so I can only point you in their general direction.

Using a Macro
I normally just use a macro to start/stop my recording. If you do the same, you can just add the combat range commands before hand. You click it once to record and again to stop. Be aware that it stops recording when you log out or crash. Here’s the code:

/console SET CombatLogRangeParty "200"
/console SET CombatLogRangePartyPet "200"
/console SET CombatLogRangeFriendlyPlayers "200"
/console SET CombatLogRangeFriendlyPlayersPets "200"
/console SET CombatLogRangeHostilePlayers "200"
/console SET CombatLogRangeHostilePlayersPets "200"
/console SET CombatLogRangeCreature "200"

So while this might decrease the epeen you get from viewing information biased towards you and those that stand near (groupies, if you will), it should help in the whole "realism" department of raid analysis.


Delos said...

I absolutely love WWS, ever since BRK mentioned it a long time ago (even before he posted a tutorial). It's great because you notice things that aren't easily capturable in most damage meters, like misses, dodges, how many times you got bubbled, who healed you, etc.

It's really nice for a raid leader to see both the overall recap of a raid night and dig deeper to see on a personal level how each person is doing.

Information is amazing!

Valyre said...

I barely even look at SWStats anymore, unless I sense something unusual going on during raids. WWS is really great as long as you're sure the data isn't biased.

Anonymous said...

I tried this macro, and it's longer than the 255 character limit. Is there a way to use it anyway?

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