May 15, 2008

Another Wednesday in Paradise

I got home last night to find Fozec in the midst of installing Vista on my new computer.  The replacement hard drive had arrived and everything went smoothly with the install.  We left it downloading the rest of the files while we went to the gym.
Getting home about 10 min before the raid, I opted to go on standby (we had 4 paladins online).  I then alternated between playing my Alliance hunter and feeding the new computer WoW disks.  At one point I only looked away from the game for a min and returned to find a Fel Reaver had smashed me into the ground.  Luckily Kerryk was there helping me kill land sharks and rez'd me.
I started the long process of downloading the WoW patches and noticed some significant lag, even though I was only putting around Hellfire.  Fozec reported the same lag, but his tone was filled with lots of anguish.  I cancelled the download and figured I could just transfer the files from my old computer.  This proved to be more complex than I expected.  Without going into boring details, I'm stuck at a point where the next patch says the version of wow.exe I have is too old, like I'm missing a patch in between.  Eh...  Until I manage to get all of the patches installed, the game is confused and won't trigger the auto-download.  I wonder if it's not better to start over somehow and let it download tonight during dinner.
I was called into service for the last 4 bosses of BT since they need 8 healers.  While I had been goofing off most of the evening, Fozec had been running the raid like a timed event.  The pulls were fast and furious.  Looting was done on the fly, with maybe a minute between killing a boss and the next trash fight.  Because of this, people were engaged and paying attention.  No one was ninja afk'ing or acting distracted.  We cleared the entire instance in one evening.  We haven't been able to do that before and normally have a couple of bosses left for the next night.  I think it was more fun for everyone, too, and not just farming the same old, boring content.
This means we'll have time to finish MH tomorrow and get in some bonus SWP time.  That's assuming we go there, though.  Apparently the Archimonde fight is either bugged or had some undocumented changes.  The fires will now spawn on melee and are erratic, rather than following a target.  The tank can get air burst.  It's this second part that makes me think it's a bug.  There's no reason to have that happen from a game mechanics standpoint.  That's like the tank getting sacrificed on Illhoof, watery graved on Morogrim, or orbed on Void Reaver.  The net result is a significant reduction in tank aggro generation while the boss chases him all over creation.  Then a mage or warlock pulls aggro and we wipe.  :(


Christopher said...

Massive kudos on clearing BT in one night! Are you still gearing up some of your newer recruits? Do you think this will help you in Sunwell?

For your patching woes, there are two options I know of that are available to you. Within the WoW directory is a Repair.exe that you could try. What it does, in a nutshell, is check your game files for anomalies or corruption, repairing what it can find. The other option is to download a 2.X to 2.4 all-inclusive patch from a third party mirror. The benefit to this is that you're likely to get better download speeds (Blizzard Downloader is slow). WoWwiki keeps a good sized database of patch mirrors. Once 2.4 is installed with the latest game files, the client shouldn't have any issues downloading the rest.

I wonder about a few of the changes they implemented with 2.4.2, honestly. Archimonde's behavior is most certainly a bug, but what troubles me is the potential implication to the Shade of Aran fight in regards to NPC polymorph effects no longer healing the player. This essentially gives him two enrage timers, now: one with a time limit and the other with a mana limit. Does any other such situation exist in the game?

Anonymous said...

holy llama -- how long do your raids usually last? We're into the chain pull 'til we wipe mode in BT for the first 5 bosses, which get done in our strict 3 hr limit (we had some dc'ing issues right before RoS) otherwise might have had time for Mother.. maybe. This is with only one quick leash on Bloodboil.

And heh, yeah, I've been guilty of dl'ing something only two seconds later to hear the spouse cry out "Are you downloading something?! stoppit! I'm trying to tank" ;-)