May 15, 2008

Can't Play Nicely with Comments

For some reason my browser at work is hating the comments section right now.  It took multiple attempts to pull it up and then it refused to load the "type these chars to post" picture.  So here's my reply.
Checking around about Archimonde, the fire issue was indeed a bug and it's been hotfixed.  The burst on a tank can happen if a bursted person stands too close to them, so that one's harder to prove as an actual bug.  Blizzard claims they can't find it happening.
I think the easiest thing to do at this point is just copy my WoW folder over en mass from my old computer to my new one.  I think the plan is for Fozec to try that during lunch today.  I'm like half way through installing the patches, so I can't just grab the newest one sadly.
I've read about the change to Aran.  Back when we were doing Kara, our perspective was if you get sheeped, your interrupters weren't doing their job.  Part of the encounter was keeping him from going OOM.
Reading other blogger's posts, I find that doesn't seem to be a common notion.  Instead it's more like "when we get sheeped". So people are managing to survive the previously soft enrage to win the fight.  Now that's changed and a significant chunk won't live through it, I can see why they're upset.  They're going to have to change their mindset a bit and set the bar a little higher for rogues and the like.
Looking through the other bosses, I don't really know of one that has a soft enrage that could be converted into a normal one without breaking the encounter.  Aran's the only boss I know of that sheeps.
Illidan sticks you in a bubble to chat with Maiev right before phase 5, but that bubble doesn't heal anyone.  In fact, he likes to take a chunk out of the tank right when the bubble drops, making it difficult to heal.  Mother has a soft enrage ("Stop toying with my emotions!") but it's based on when she hits 10% health.  It's also easy to heal through and only affects the tank.  The same is said for Kalecgos but it's an enrage of increasing magnitude.
I guess the only one I could come up with where Blizz could change the soft enrage to a hard one is on Kaz'rogal.  If you run out of mana, you do AoE damage to yourself and those around you.  Kaz makes it more fun with a mana drain ability that hits a number of people at a time.  I guess they could change it to an insta-death thing if you went OOM.  I'm pretty lazy about going oom, trying to save my mana pots.  I'll just move away and bubble.  Even then the damage is healable and you're only damaged if you're literally at 0 mana.  Regen tends to bounce you back up in 5 sec.
From a double-enrage standpoint, there's a few bosses that slowly kill off people, to the point you need to win before there's no one left to fight.  Vael in BWL was the ultimate example of this but he didn't have an actual enrage timer.  Every 30 sec he'd mark someone for insta death.  I can recall early on where we'd die because none of the healers would still be alive.  You couldn't battle rez, either, because you needed the buff he gave at the start of the fight to survive.
RoS has 3 phases and each have their own pseudo-enrage.  In the first phase, you have to take turns tanking and you can't heal.  No one can tank twice without running out of hp.  In the second phase the total amount of mana everyone has is slowly reduced.  This means after a certain amount of time it goes to 0 and healers can't heal.  The third phase everyone in the raid takes increasing amounts of damage until it becomes unhealable.
There are very few 25-man boss fights where the enrage timer is actually meaningful.  Brutallus is the only one that comes to mind but the whole encounter is built around it being a 6min dps race.  If you took away the enrage, he'd become a loot piñata.  Most of the fights are such that other things will eat your lunch long before you hit that point.

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