May 14, 2008

Huntering for the Alliance

So last night after I got all my chores done, I sat staring at the character selection screen.  Looking back at me was Alurial and Eddie, Battlepig of Awesomeness.  The longer we looked at each other, the more I kept going back to how cool my old draenei hunter had been.  Yes, belfs are pretty and shiny.  Yes, they're uppity and snobbish.  Yes, the pig is basically the only reason the scrawny blond bit is fun to play.
So I made the executive decision to pull out my old level 61 hunter.  The first thing I noticed was her frame rates were terrible.  -50 DKP for loading pitbull and xperl on top of each other.  While watching them duke it out for unit frame supremacy was entertaining, it wasn't really going to let me quest at a 3 sec per frame rate.  I also had a ton of other crap turned on, including PoM Minder and various click-to-cast mods.  lol
Thus after de-paladin'ing and de-priest'ing my poor hunter, I set off in search of mobs to kill and lewt to acquire.  Well, I would have except I decided Voith needed a Battlepig of her own.  And I found just the right one, a sleek black swine named Grunter.  By "found" I mean on WoWHead.  He was no where to be seen in the wild.  And according to the comments, it can take up to 4hrs for him to respawn.  Ugh.  A glistening ebony sus domestica could wait.  Things needed killing and people needing saving.
So back to Outlands we went.  Our mission: free the Broken from demon enslavement.  I had already made contact with the various lowbie-ranked Broken.  It was time to talk to their leader.  I can remember trying a number of times to reach him in the past, only to succumb to multiple add aggro.  This time we had a plan.  I would pull.  Frodie would aggro the bunch and move them back into a corner.  It was brilliant!  It was 99% foolproof!  Well, we managed to find that 1% and aggro'd the pat anyways.
So with about 8 mobs pounding on him, (Demon + 3 slaves)x2, Frodie managed to keep it together long enough to pull out a victory.  We were spent, him at about 100hp and me with mana lower than that.  After I short break, we charged up the hill to their leader's tent.  He explained how they had been betrayed and said betrayer had left the key to the Brokens' shackles in another tent.  He assured me that I wouldn't run into the evil doer, but to watch out for the 4 story tall elite demon running around.  Eh, hello...  It's kind of hard to miss the dude, especially since I had to sneak past him to get here.  l2liveinatentclosertotheentranceplx
So after more sneakage I snagged the key and let all the lowbie Broken loose before heading back to their leader.  He gave me a magical staff that would un-elite the boss and allow me to kill him.  Now, looking at this guy, I'm not sure why he would even be elite to begin with.  He was trying to slowly fly around, his hooves barely above the ground, but every 40yds or so he'd have to land and walk a bit.  At either end of his path, he'd stop and just gasp for breath for a solid minute.
Since I have yet to get my flying mount, an obviously easy sky duel to the death was out of the question.  Instead I staffed him and proceeded to proc every ability we had.  About 10 sec later Frodie and I were rejoicing at the lewts we were soon to procure as we ran back to the Broken leader.
This is where things turned Days of Our Lives.  Not only had the leader been the one that had betrayed his people, he had done it because of a lust for power and control.  dun dun DUN!  His plan was to sit down and croak now that the wrongs had been righted.  I tried to talk him out of it, but he was resolved.
So Frodie and I packed up our shinies and headed towards more adventure.  I'd heard something about CE needing blood for a fel boar experiment...

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