Oct 27, 2008

Why, Hello There!

First off, sorry for the afk. I had some top secret bizns to take care of.

So what's happened since we last chatted? A heck of a lot, I tell you. To start things off, we totally cleared SWP in about 6 hrs last week, leaving Sun/Mon available for total goofing off. AND KJ dropped the pally chest. I can has total rusted Chevy look now.

I also have been using my formerly dps shield with great success. It even matches better with the whole tetanus motif I've got going on. Excellent!

I also FINALLY got my zhevra mount from the RAF program. Man are those peeps stingy with the lewts. Naturally, like with everything else in WoW, there is a downside. This mount has... major junk in the trunk. I didn't know horse-type things could, but this one does. Horizontal stripes are not helping, either.

We finished off the weekend with various Hallows End achievements. I have the two old content pumpkin lewting ones and I need a squashling, but otherwise I think we've done them all.

Yes, this means I was in AV last night, pwn'ing on the healing meters to get the GNERD rage achievement. Fozec and I totally PvE'd the place down. I didn't even remember to put on my PvP trinket and he was prot in defensive stance the whole time. lawlnubs


Anonymous said...

Amazing how fast the first 2 bosses go now in SWP, with half the time for portals to go bad on Kalecgos especially. Grats on the speed run in SWP!

The KJ fight was crazy, I can now really appreciate how long it took guilds to learn it pre-nerf. Still satisfying to kill (re-banish him) post nerf though.


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