Oct 22, 2008


I am the type of person that nearly always has an opinion. Once I've formed one, I usually feel pretty strongly about it. That doesn't mean I'm locked in my viewpoint - reason does have an effect on me - but if I think I'm right, I can be stubborn.

I was reading Banana Shoulders' post this morning about the new pally patch stuff and pretty much commented all over the place. I guess my stance on Bacon is you're kinda dumb not to take it. Does this mean it's awesome for every single fight ever created in the history of WoW? I doubt it. But any fight where there's an OT or second tank, the benefit in healing and mana usage is awesome compared to even Flash. A few posts ago I put up numbers backing this up on the KJ fight.

I also have witnessed first hand the result if you don't take the judgment range extending talent. Do you plan on running up to the boss, dodging a cleave, and judging every 20 sec? Or is the plan to just ignore judging altogether? It boggles my mind that you wouldn't want 10% haste. This is an amount I can visually see the difference of. This is the same as 157 haste rating or picking up 5 item level +141 haste items. FIVE! This is awesome for me with T6, imagine how great this is for other tiers that don't have access to the quality haste items. What is the issue here?

Instead there's all this "Imp Lay on Hands is so awesome" crap. Really? A 50% armor bonus on a tank every 18 min for 15 sec is better? First, if you've already beaten a boss, it's obvious that you don't actually need the armor buff to win. Secondly, if you're working on progression, is your guild going to wait for your CD to be up for the next attempt? The key to your victory is this talent? I think not.

The other issue with LoH is how much Holy Shock has improved. If I need an emergency heal, am I going to use a spell that I don't have in a normal rotation or will I go with the one I'm using every minute or so? Your target doesn't need to be at 100% hp. They just need to live, and that means using you can cast the fastest.

What LoH REALLY has become is an emergency mana battery. You grab the 2 LoH glyphs and now you have 1080 mana** you didn't before. The irony here is if you're using LoH on a non-prot tank, you're throwing the mana granting portion in the trash.

** There are a couple of nebulous things about the whole LoH/glyph situation I'll probably need to play test. For one, back in the day you could cast LoH on yourself and end up with the bonus mana. If this is still true, then you'd get 2.1k mana back if you cast it on yourself. Also, the Divinity glyph says "Use: Your Lay on Hands also grants you as much mana as it grants your target." If you cast it on a warrior, do you still get mana returned to you? I believe so, but I can't recall for sure.


Brian said...

What a great post. I havent been judging (mainly due to debuff slots on kj) but i think i might start working it into my rotation.

All the rest of your tips are spot on.

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