Oct 16, 2008

We (Almost) Won The Game!

Last night we were full of patch goodness. The server crashed once before the raid started but was solid from then on out. We didn't have what you'd call an ideal raid comp (10 healers, 7 shamans, 1 Warlock) but we figured why not have fun testing out our new found powers.

Holy crap has 3.0.2 changed Sunwell. The first thing we noticed was the mob packs have lost their umph. What used to be a 40% chance of wipe unless we had tons of CC has now become an AoE-fest. Slap some tanks on them and burn em to the ground. Hunters were volly-gasiming all over the place, pulling in 2k crits per mob. Tanks' threat was through the roof. Millions of healers meant it was hard to even get one in.

Long story short, we cleared the first 4 bosses in 1.5 hrs when it used to take ~6hrs. On Kalecogs we had some problems with too much dps on the dragon. Brutallus was a joke and died in about 2 minutes - with 10 healers in the raid (normally can only take 7 or you don't have enough dps). Felmyst took three tries due to some air phase breath calling rustiness. Fozec totally picked up the Shield of Cathedral Windows!! Twins took 2 attempts because of a "My dad was talking to me, sorry." wipe. lol The dagger book of awesomeness dropped. I passed it to Z, another healadin. I'm holding out for the shoulders/chest first.

We cleared us some trash and said hello to M'uru. We had some solid whacks at him with a few phase 2 wipes. On the last attempt of the evening (due to time constraints) we downed both the cosmic windchime and his bluberry counterpart. Woot! We can has your lewts! We're the first Horde guild on SC to down them. You can see a group-shot screenie here.

We went and took a peek at Kil'jaeden. He is scary. I do have to share a quick picture for you guys. This is me and one of our mages looking down over the edge of Kil'jaeden's room, looking at the girl in the bubble.


Fozec said...

Last night was alot of fun. Sunwell is so easy now, primarly for the following reasons:

1) The health on all bosses and trash was reduced by 30%. This is true of all raid zones.
2) Sunwell Radiance removed, which means all tanks have 25% more avoidance.
3) All DPS classes are doing more DPS. All healing classes are doing more HPS. All tanks are generating more threat.

You put all that together, and you have an easy Sunwell. You still have to know how to execute the fights, but the margin for error is now enormous whereas before it was virtually non-existant. I like this change right before the expansion, as I'm a big fan of letting people see content. Any guild still raiding should see a ton of progression over the next few weeks because all raid zones will be radically easier.

As Valyre mentioned, after seeing how easy the first few trash packs were, we stopped all CC and instead AoE'd the trash. With tank AoE threat being so good and 10 healers in the raid, this worked great.

I still can't believe we cleared 5 Sunwell bosses in one night, including a M'uru progression kill. I knew it would be easier, but I didn't anticipate the change to be so dramatic.

Being a tank is so much more fun now. It feels good to generate so much threat and do so much damage. Holding aggro is a non-issue. Being able to AoE tank is also really fun, as is being able to charge around in combat in defensive stance.

Three cheers to Blizzard!

Thunder said...

Hi there,
Im a healer lead in guild that was taking 3-4 nights to clear BT. Last night we downed 8 bosses in 3 hours. I didnt know what to expect from the patch but that wasnt on the list. We were pretty giddy afterwards.

On a side note, i love the blog. Its part of my daily healer blog routine so, thanks for sharing.

Valyre said...

Wow, thanks Thunder! I appreciate that. :D

I got similar reports from a friend that does Kara. They normally only clear 3 bosses an evening. Last night they cleared thru Curator in the same amount of time.

Isisxotic said...

Yeah, I don't know what to think. We rofl'stomped through BT last night.

Oh, by the way, you get +10 cool kid points for the Heroes reference!