Oct 15, 2008

Patchiness with a Chance of "Oh, Crap"

Last night was an exercise in "Wtf Win Vista? Srsly? Really? You HAVE to move my entire WoW folder system before you'll aknowledge the patch?"

Answer: "Yes."

I thought I'd be saving a ton of time downloading the patch ahead of time from a mirror site but in the end it took an hour or so for Vista to be happy with where exactly my WoW stuff resides. Apparently it MUST be public or the world will get sucked into a black hole.

I spent the file moving time updating my addons. I have a few that have been around since the age of the dinosaurs, but the rest needed some newer versions. What I soon found out was I wasted my time. None of the shiny "3.0.2 Ready!" onces worked except Prat 3.0.

When I finally logged in around 8pm EST, I was slammed with JC requests. Apparently every shaman has to redo all of their orange gems. For our enhancement, that meant 11 of those bebes. Resto just needed 4.

I respected to this, taking imp conc aura , BoWis, and BoKings. Our ret has imp might so we're good to go in that department. We're just lacking a prot for imp devo. Zhain also took kings so we're covered. Once Wrath hits Brysan will take over that duty, freeing us up for moar crit!

Zhain's alt is now a 375 Inscriber, too. She mailed out a ton of glyphs for everyone. I can has Glyph of Holy Light!

We also attempted a Heroic Magister's Terrace. I had 0 healing addons and threw together some mouse-over macros just so I'd have something. I assigned Flash, Light, Holy Shock, and Cleanse to keybinds. I slapped Bacon and Rez on my quickbars. I also had my mana regen macro in there somewhere. Short spell rotation is short.

On the first boss, there was a miscommunication. One person thought we were starting the fight and the rest of us didn't. Would you believe me if I told you we beat that boss with 4 of us standing outside of the room? Whelp, that's exactly what we did. The key was the one inside was a retadin and was able to self-heal. I covered everyone in the hall. It was good times. lol

We had made it as far as the mana worms when the world server bit the dust. By the time it came back up it was my bedtime.

My +healing with 0 talents was 1190. I didn't check again after I got my points in order (and used the right libram). I'll have to get back to you what I look like with full raid buffs, etc.

My plan, assuming the servers have calmed down, is to compare my WWS from tonight's raid to a previous one and give you guys the details on what's changed healing spell-wise.

In other news, I've been thinking about Bacon Hand of Sacrifice, imp Righteous Fury, and Imp Devo Aura. My idea is to use HoSac on a tank during a particularily bad part of spike damage, like stomps on Brutallus. I'd stick Bacon on myself, plus imp RF, to help heal through it. If I'm already going that deep in Prot, I might as well get imp devo aura and increase healing on the tanks by +3%. Granted, I won't have enough points for all this until level 80.

My concern here, though, is the fairly high chance I wouldn't survive the damage. On our last Brutallus kill Fozec took 5 stomps and Tahra ate 6. For the first 12 sec of a stomp, Fozec took 54,473 dmg, excluding the AoE breath stuff. He also dodged/parried 4 sets of attacks (MH/OH). HoSac + Imp RF would transfer about 13k damage to me. Bacon + Flash would heal me for about 17,600 in that time, so it would be close.

What I'll probably do is try a light version of the idea out sometime in a 5-man or something. I'd just BoSac the tank, Bacon myself, and see how it goes. I'll have bubble/Lay on Hands ready just in case.

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