Oct 16, 2008

Bonus Post

I wasn't expecting to get to post about M'uru. Rather than make you read a giant wall of text, I've separated out some new patch stuff I wanted to cover.

First off there's the new spellpower/healing spells situation. With full raid buffs, I sport +1550 healing, down from the previously +2700. These are just points of reference, as we all know, but interesting none the less. I've also gone from about 12k mana to over 13k and gained 1k hp from somewhere to clear the 11k mark. I approve these changes.

I was hoping for some WWS lovings this morning but I'm not seeing a link. I'll just have to go over the individual spell changes later when I can has math.

I picked up the two Lay on Hands glyphs last night, plus the BoWis one. I haven't been able to find a 3rd minor glyph I consider worthwhile. What this does is sets up Lay on Hands as another way for me to mana regen. I plan to add it to my mana regen macro.

In general I don't have a good feel for my mana usage yet. This whole no downranking thing is throwing me off. Normally I use 3 spells, Flash and 2 ranks of Light. What this does is covers the normal chunks of damage I see: 2k, 3k, and +4k. My 3k button has been converted to Holy Shock on a 6 sec CD. So if my HS is on CD, that leaves me to decide between Flash or max Light. This isn't something my brain can process automatically yet. I kept finding myself stuck while I decided. lol

Also, one thing to keep in mind is I believe bacon is currently bugged. It's only working on people in the same 5-man group, rather than raid wide. I'm also pretty sure that the 100yds is operating more like 10yds-20yds. This means for now we're piling all of our tanks into one group. Unfortunately I can't seem to find a blue post saying this is indeed a bug, but I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to operate like this.

Grid, Pitbull, some of DBM, Prat3, Click2Cast, Quartz, and Bartender4 were the only addons I could get to work properly for last night's raid. Those are the essentials, though, so I did ok. Paladins need a bacon monitor, kind of like what Priests have with PoM. I don't want to have to stay targeted on someone forever just so I can tell how much time is left on it.

I also tried to set up some focus macros for Seal of Wis and Judgement. The idea was I could set up the boss as my focus and refresh seals whenever. Unfortunately it kept making my focus my target, thus messing up my bacon monitoring. Here's what I've been trying to use:

Macro 1
/cast [target=focus] Seal of Wisdom

Macro 2
/cast [target=focus] Judgment of Light

As soon as I cast Macro 1, my focus is now my target. I guess I should add in /targetlasttarget. I can set up Quartz to show me the duration of the judgment on the mob.

Edit: P.S. Like a few of you have told me, my issue with my macro is that seal is cast on me, not on a mob. Such noobishness will be corrected before this evenings raid. Thanks!


Rohan said...

*Seal* of Wisdom doesn't have a target. It's a self-buff. I'm not sure why you need a macro for it. Maybe that is what is messing things up.

The focused Judgement for Holy is a good idea.

Fozec said...

Gashe said last night that WWS is messed-up at the moment, and there wouldn't be any WWS report for last night's raid.

Valyre said...

Yeah, I realized after this post that I was a nub and you don't cast seals on other people. l2ret I guess.

That's sad for WWS. :(

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