Oct 14, 2008

I Need A Druid!

So today BRK posted a MC Corehound how-to. The bottom line? I need a resto druid healer to nab me an orange dog. Unfortunately my hunter is Alliance and I don't know anyone, druid or otherwise. Perhaps if I played her more than once every 3 months, I would have some buddies.

I think I'd rather just work on her levels anyways, and get her to 70. I haven't changed my mind about getting her a black bird pet, either. I'm still happy with the white lion.

Plan 2
I have a hunter Horde side that just happens to be where Fozec's old druid lives. What I'd need to do is dump our RAF levels on her, going from level 34 to 56, which is the max our other alts are sitting at. If we levelled them to 60 then she'd also be level 60. That would probably take an evening, maybe two? From there I'd need to get 2 more levels since that's what's running around MC.

My plans for her also include getting her some new hair and changing her name (Alurial) to my mage's nombre, Naisis. This also means probably deleting my level 60 mage. >.< Do I really want to spend money to change the name of a character I don't intend to play just to avoid the pain of deleting a level 60? Mebe...

So, I'm thinking giant orange dawg is the way to go on my belf hunter. That plus the other changes would make her lots of fun again I think. Plus with the new pet slots, I can keep Eddie and remember all the fun times we've had when he was OP.

Plan 3
If I'm for instant gratification (which I totally am), I could instead pick up the Kurken (lvl 12 white 2-headed dawg). He's over in Drainy land, so I'd need to figure out a way to get there with my belf self or go easy mode and nab one on my Draenei. Originally that was my plan until I realized you could get a real MCCH.



Darraxus said...

If your Alliance toon is also on SC, i may be able to lend a hend. I have a level 70 resto druid or a level 70 holy pally. Pally's name is Zurlock and Rootmender is the Druids name.

Darraxus said...

60 resto druid. Sorry.

Christopher said...

I'd offer to help, but don't you need to be attuned?

If not, could a pally bubble you before you start the taming? Or is that strictly against the rules?

Valyre said...

From WoWWiki:

With the warlock's Ritual of Summoning ability anyone can be summoned to the instance, no matter whether he/she is completed the "attunement" quest or not. So at least 2 people and a warlock (with MC "attunement") is able to summon the whole raid group right into the instance.

I guess I need an attuned warlock, too. :(

My Ally hunter is on Shadow Council but thanks for the offer, Darraxus!