Oct 13, 2008

BlizzCon Downed!

While we didn't actually go to BlizzCon, we did attempt to watch it on DirecTV. That was good times. I'll spare you the details except that our HD channel was messed up and they stopped coverage early both nights. This meant missing the dance contest and the last 45 min of the Video Games Live concert. /glare

It was exceptionally nice to fast forward through the panels we didn't have much interest in (we were watching it from TiVo). Also, even if DTV wasn't going to broadcast it, we still weren't going to go, so like Fozec said, "This was just icing." The behind-the-scenes stuff of Blizz headquarters was really awesome, too. Their offices have to be some of the coolest looking cubicals I've ever seen.

Plenty of people have covered the event in extreme detail, so I'm not about to launch into any of that. All in all, these types of events are really about talking to the players face to face and saying "Yes, we do know what you're upset about. Here's our plans around that." Even if the result is they're not going to be doing whatever tweak you're passionate about, there's a level of satisfaction just knowing the answer.

I came away from this year's event with a renewed sense of "Woot!" about WoW, the patch, and the expansion. I'm also looking forward to using the level 60-70 leveling speed increase on my hunter. I also want to slap some Bacon on peeps and run around like a healing maniac. :D

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