Oct 7, 2008


Today is my 2nd wedding anniversary to Fozec. This orc of my dreams has stuck by me through 3 guilds, numerous alts, and a whole host of non-combat pets. He was there when a hunter ninja'd loot from my rogue in ST, trying to calm my rage. He laughed with me when I got stuck for the 100th time between a hut and wall in Orgrimmar. He ran back with me after the world server hiccupped multiple times, repeatedly transporting our entire guild over top of Tarren Mill, and thus letting us freefall to our deaths.

Fozec's been the driving force behind my fun, showing me MMO's and taking the time to teach me how to play. He was an example of a great healing lead long before it ever occurred to me to pick up the reigns. He's an all-around great guy that men want and women want to be ...or something like that.

Thanks for being my best friend in and out of Azeroth, Fozec. /kiss

P.S. Can I put you on AF while I go make me a sammich? :D


Christopher said...

Woo, congrats!

Regarding autofollow, I don't know if he operates the same way I do, but in our house moves like that usually involve some inherent risk. For example, I jump over a lot of very perilous terrain. At minimum, the following character could get stuck. At worst (and this is usually the case), my pursuer will fall several hundred feet to his or her death while I laugh maniacally. I've also been known to use autofollowers as decoys for random animals -- or as we like to call them, the petting zoo.

However, I can always be persuaded to be more careful for a cheesy tortilla and a glass of water. =)

Congrats again. Two years down, fifty-eight to go!

gt said...

Congratulations on your anniversary and many happy returns of the day ! :)