Oct 8, 2008

Gift? What Gift?

As I alluded to in a past Twitter, I gave Fozec something WoW related for our anniversary. A few weeks ago Shelbi at The Bronze Kettle was looking to raise some funds for BlizzCon travel expenses by offering to do character transmorgrifications. I snagged one for Fozec and submitted a screenie of his warrior when he wasn't looking. Being easily distracted by baked goods ftw, I always say.

This was merely the first step in my evil plans. A few days later after some discussion about exactly what enchant Fozec was sporting on his sword, I had an awesome avatar-type drawing of his character (but HUGE, it's like 1050px x 1050px!). From there I printed out two copies on super glossy photo paper.

A quick note here... Our printer is one of those 2,000-in-one jobs where it probably could feed our cats if I could figure out the right buttons to press. The downside is it can only take 8.5"x11" paper max. If you have a cooler printer, though, you can pick up 20"x13" photo paper at Office Max. Imagine the poster possibilities!

Taking the first copy I printed, I cut his character out using an exacto knife (of the razorblade variety). For the second copy I cut out his shield, head, and shoulders. Using sticky foam dots normally reserved for scrapbooking enthusiasts, I placed these cut-out parts on top of the first cut out. What this does is give the picture a 3D quality. The head and shield got a double stack of foam dots under it while the shoulders got a single layer of them.

I wanted to put the whole thing in a frame. The key here is you need to get one that has some depth to it or you're just going to squash your creation back into 2D'ness. I found one with 2 layers of mats separated with foam dots at Hobby Lobby. Yay!

From there I printed out his name, also on photo glossy, and double-sided taped it below his character. I highly recommend picking up the LifeCraft font from dafont.com for any Alliance/Horde characters you want. It also has the new snaky "S" from Wrath. For "Fozec" I replaced the "c" with the Horde symbol turned on its side. I did the same thing on our website for the "c" in "Ascent".

I'll try to put up some finished pictures of the whole thing when I get home but for now you'll just have to make due with this tiny Fozec avatar:

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