Oct 6, 2008

Must Have It

For the record, it's 100% insane that I still have things to say about WoW and I haven't logged in for about 1.5 weeks.

But I do!

First, while I was clearing out the daily spam from my email this morning, I came across a letter asking me for some raid healing help. Apparently they've been reading my WI articles (and didn't notice the dates :P). Could I be so kind as to chat with them on Vent and answer some questions? Absolutely I would!

I didn't stop writing for WI because I stopped loving being a healing lead. I stopped because I lived in constant fear of someone commenting on how much I sucked/was an idiot/didn't deserve a WoW subscription/etc. When you're writing and you can't bring yourself to read the comments, it's time to stop. :)

So yeah, I told the guy I was available after 8pm EST and to shoot me his Vent info. I did a quick WoWJutsu background check on the guy's guild. They've downed the first two bosses in MH. Tier 6, I know you well... :D

It's looking like our break will continue for another week so we'll start back up right after the patch. During our hiatus, Eternal has downed M'uru and claimed a server first over us. Similarily Ladies of Destiny has downed Twins and is chomping at our heels. Both are Alliance guilds. Grrrrr...

I think LoD have relaxed their recruitment standards a bit, but for the longest time you had to have a female character to join. Naturally, with something like that running around your server, you end up with copy cats. The funniest was Gnomes of Destiny. hehe At least females can be any class. I've seen race only guilds go the way of the dodo. See what you're missing not being on an rp server???

The only other MMO I've played is Neverwinter Nights (NWN) and I'm not sure you can call 40 people to a server massive. But one thing I loved and seriously miss were radial menus. You'd click a button on your quickbar and a circle would pop up with all of your different options listed around it in a circle. You could pick an options, starting to form a sort of spiderweb of circles. It was pretty and functional.

Saturday's WI UI plea for Wrath screenies shows an example with the same spirit. I love circles. You can find the original article here that lists out every addon they use. The one that makes it look so striking is TrinityBars2. Want! (And it looks like the addon creator is working on a Wrath version, too).


Darraxus said...

Scarlet Crusade Alliance FTW! Best of luck with Muru and KJ once the nerf comes in.

Valyre said...

Omg! SC Alliance on my blog! What punks!


Seriously, I'm <3'ing the nerf to bosses. Eternal gets mad props for keeping things going and downing M'uru pre-patch.