Sep 16, 2008

Wipeage, It Feels Good

So I've been reading various druid blogs and I feel bad that they're not excited about Wrath. I can understand it in an abstract way, but I don't feel the same. I'm totally pumped up - for the patch, for BlizzCon on TV, and for the expansion. Woot!

Why, might you ask? Because holy paladins are getting some more-than-two-buttons lovings, hunters can totally get freaking awesome pets, and I'm looking forward to going back to Azeroth. We've been gone a while, imo. At this point, the mere idea of riding a blimp more often seems fun.

Man, I miss those things. They were fun, not like the impersonal portals. You stand there with an ever-increasing group. I tend to pass out free buffs in exchange for snooping through their gear. Maybe someone will say something, but most likely not. We're all going to disperse once we arrive at the destination, but for now we're travelling together. The blimp pulls up and people take their normal positions. Mine is right next to the door. Then just as we start to pull away, you'll see yelling. "Wait!!" like we can somehow hold the contraption for them. They blink/spint/etc. and barely make it. Cheers go up, like they had just downed a world boss.



Christopher said...

Ha! I always loved the boat/zeppelin dash. It's almost like a minigame in and of itself, with everyone burning their cooldowns and pulling out all the stops just to get on the boat. But not just any boat, oh no. THIS boat. Certainly not the next one that's following in three minutes, this is the only one that will do.

The minor celebration with totally random strangers after another totally random stranger makes a departing boat is good times, good times indeed. =)

Why aren't druids excited about Wrath? Aren't they still as ridiculously overpowered at everything or are they now only slightly ridiculously overpowered? /grudge

Valyre said...

Druids don't really change from how they are now. There's nothing much that's new or exciting. They're getting "nerfed" because while other classes are getting better at things like tanking and healing, they're not.

It's pretty much just a lack of "omg, that's so cool".