Sep 18, 2008

Moar Raiding Stuffs

So I noticed this morning that the title of yesterday's post had nothing to do with what I wrote. Oops.

Last night was the first night of our raid week (since Tuesday's are instance resets). We had a really solid group online, including 10 healers. I didn't even know we had that many. >.< We went into Sunwell and proceded to down all three farm bosses. This is the first time in a LONG time that we've done that, but it gives us tonight to down Twins and then work on M'uru.

Tonight should be our 3rd Twins kill. The hard part of that fight is just getting there. Really. Felmyst is far harder. Between lich dragon extraordinaire and the hot drainy chicks are a gauntlet of trash. Kill that stuff and the tons of Twins loot is basically yours.

We (meaning a guildie) came across another guild's M'uru strat this week. It's got an insane amount of detail, to the point I'm starting to think we might actually pull this fight off.

In raiding, it's all about the epeeness of your kills. I would love to have downed M'uru pre-nerf, but that obviously didn't happen. lol We didn't even down Twins pre-M'uru nerf. The second best thing would be to get a 5/6 record pre-patch. Having bragging rights is srs bzns! I can still say we downed Solarian pre-nerf, Archimonde before fearward was passed around, and Vashj/Kael back before attuments were kicked to the curb.

Impressed? LOL Yeah, it's not really meaningful outside of recruiting. People STILL want to know what content we cleared pre-BC, like it matters one bit. Why yes, I did heal the attempt we downed Maexna. Could I tell you anything about the fight other than we were standing on a giant web? Nope. Was I even playing the same class? Hardly. Even if I was, priests aren't anything like that now.

I'm hoping that achievements end up on the armory. Why? So the people that care about those sorts of things can look them up. Meanwhile I can concentrate on what you've actually acomplished in the last 6 months. lol I can see it now... "Well, here's my link to the char I'm applying with, but HERE'S the char with all the things I've done... well, except for this OTHER CHAR that has the ZG mount..."

Ok, maybe that's a bad idea.

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