Sep 15, 2008

M'uru - The Same Old Wind Chime

So we found ourselves back to facing M'uru last night. Unfortunately one of our warlocks failed to show, so we were left learning the fight without the dps to actually keep up with the adds. We did attempts for about 1.5hrs before calling ZA. /sad

M'uru is hard. The "nerf" just makes it slightly less impossible to kill that boss. The best we did was 72% on phase 1. That's with me popping mana pots and still going OOM. It makes me pretty excited to be learning a new fight, though. :D

Per the sort-of-official announcement, Wrath will be hitting November 13th. So, we have 2 months to work on the last bits of Sunwell.

On the bright side, I have been in full recruiting mode, harassing all of the PvP people that dare post on the WoW LFG forums. We've picked up a resto druid/shadow priest combo that should be transferring over Friday. I'm also trying to nab us a Lock and mebe another rogue.

In website news, the domain transfer went through. I cancelled my Yahoo! accounts. I was still holding onto our 40-man website, too. It was getting like 15 hits a month! So now all ascent raiding type domains point to the new website. Yay!

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