Sep 9, 2008

We're Baaaaaack! (again)

Last night we downed Felmyst. That may not seem like much. "So what?" you say. "It's just another boss, one you've downed before."

On the surface, sure, that's what it looks like. But we only downed Felmyst about twice before killing Twins. That was immediately followed by 5-6 core raiders quitting. It has taken us 2 months of low morale, seriously heavy recruiting, and unrealistic optimism to get back to where we are.

Fozec pretty much saved the say. He plopped down in his copmuter chair after working +12hr days for 3 days in a row and tanked the lich dragon. People were doing pretty well and we had some solid attempts but it seemed like a small group kept making dumb mistakes. They weren't surviving encapsulate and weren't staying out of the breath. I felt my stress level go up everytime it happened. I had just exploded (meaning sounded stern lol) on Vent the night before.

I told the GM it was time for "Little Girl." Back during our Solarian days, we had problems with people blowing the raid up. I devised the Little Girl rank, as in "Run away little girl!" from the Red Ridinghood event in Karazan. If you couldn't pay attention, then we were going to demote you to this rank. The kicker is that rank doesn't have guild chat permissions. You can read it but not respond. So not only was it obvious you weren't pulling your weight, your raid buddies could tease the crap out of you and there was nothing you could do about it.

Now, we did this good naturedly. "Little Girl" was supposed to give you just enough embarassment to get your attention, but not be so severe that you actually felt punished. Do your job correctly and you'd be reinstated to your proper rank.

So as we were running back from our 7th or 8th wipe, I announced over Vent that starting now, we would be instituting an "Incentive Rank." If you couldn't run away from beams, breath, or encapsulates, you were going to be demoted to this.

We beat Felmyst on the very next attempt. It wasn't perfect, nor was it pretty (enrage right at the end) but we did what we had set out to do. So my track record on Little Girl continues at 3-0, us vs Felmyst, Kael'thas, and Solarian. lol

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