Sep 9, 2008

Not a Nice Person

On the surface, I am nice and friendly. But deep down... I have an evil streak. In this case I'm feeling guilty for finding humor in the suffering of others - so much so that you're getting a post about it.

WI covered an Alliance guild named Havoc in their 15 min of fame section.

The story summary is they went from a newly-formed T5 entry guild to getting the server first Illidan kill in 6 weeks. Yep, you read that right: Six weeks. Apparently some of the guild was still wearing blues. In comparison, it took us 14 weeks to go from Rage to Illidan, although a couple of weeks in there included Christmas/New Years. I think we out-geared these other folks, though.

So they're riding high on the Illidan kill. They're on top of the world and letting everyone (including the ~30k WI readers) know it. And then they try Sunwell.

/insert evil laughter

Long story short, their guild "is dead" the week after their Illidan kill. They got Kalecgos to 1% but "the reason we didn't finish him is because the MT doesn't pop shield wall (or claims he does, then goes from full to nothing in about 2 seconds)." Wow. I guess they don't know how that fight works. SWP = tanks dead in <1 sec. That forumla is right up there with gravity and the speed of light.

The GM goes all kinds of crazy in that realm post. It's like no one told him Sunwell is hard. And once he couldn't just grab any old random strat and beat a boss, they gave up. (For the record, not every SWP strat contains correct info. You have to read a bunch, watch a million videos, then do real tests of what works.)

I laughed. And laughed. I guess I wouldn't have lol'd so much if the guy didn't sound so egotistical. "A little part of me died every time I had to yell at people to rebuff the dead, to flask, elixir, show up on time, and *gasp* PAY ATTENTION instead of watching TV during raids." Welcome to my life and the real role of raid leaders. l2pullfaster if you want to hold your members' attention.

He calls out who the good people in the guild are, then proceeds to give examples of how they carried all the rest of them on their backs. lol Burning your bridges ftw, I always say.

They were a shooting star, a one-hit wonder. And it brings me much joy to see that clearing content after various MH/BT boss nerfs and equipment upgrades doesn't mean Sunwell is easy.

It also gives me a bit of a pick-up that while we might not be the fastest guild out of the gate, we have what it takes to stick out the hard parts.

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