Sep 8, 2008

Busy Weekend

This weekend Fozec pretty much had to work the whole thing. :(

The only silver lining was it gave me more time to work on the new website. I have a beta version up and running here. Feedback is always appreciated.

The dragon graphic is from the beta loading screen. The other design (on all of the other pages) was originally from the Blizz WotLK website. For whatever reason, it's no longer up there, though. They've replaced it with something else.

I'm really happy with the way it turned out. It seems dramatic but readable. I've also redone the forum headings to match the new look. The forums were actually my inspiration for the website.

Last night we didn't have enough dps for Felmyst so we did the last 3 bosses in MH. Everything was going fairly smoothly until Archimonde. Nubs were getting caught by doom fires. My patience was nil. While I didn't actually call anyone out by name, I got a bit hostile on Vent. If you can't run from fire, how do you expect us to beat Felmyst? It was probably attempt 5 or so before we got him down. One wipe was due to a lack of fearward, even though we had 4 priests in the raid.

We picked up a new healadin and shadow priest. I'm always a bit leary of a new healer since we all work so cloesly together. At one point I told him he was on the wrong side of Archimonde, but that's not a big deal. The shadow priest actually has better healing gear but he's trying to make the switch. We got him at least one item last night.

I'm hoping there will be less afk's tonight and we can beat Felmyst. I'm seriously tired of "relearning" that fight. lol

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