Sep 10, 2008


I have a split personality when it comes to my WoW characters. On one hand, I have no problems raiding the same instance over and over for that one piece of loot I need. I do research and try to come up with the optimal spec, gear set, enchants, glyphs, gems, and buffs. I rerolled alchemy for a trinket but made sure I also picked up the arcane resist, shadow resist, ironshield, haste, and destro recipies. I have no problem getting my primary professions to 375. I've done it 5 times now.

But I have a serious issue leveling my secondary professions. I'll do first aid merely because I have nothing else to do with all the cloth. But cooking and fishing? Eh... I have 4 +60 characters and only one has learned either... until yesterday.

I've decided to level up cooking on my paladin for the expansion. Why? Um... I'm not entirely sure. I've seen a couple of blog posts about the awesomeness that is Wrath cooking, but I couldn't bring myself to read them. lol But I guess it's enough for me to want to at least attempt it. So I have 90 cooking skill. Ok, ok... my fishing is still 0 but that would take more patience than I'm capable of.

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Darraxus said...

Fishing is the one that is a pain to level. I have been 375 cooking for a few months but I am only like 364 fishing. Having both can be very profitable as well. The fishing and cooking dailies give you some cash and some raw food, which you can cook and turn into more money or put it in the guild bank like I do.