Sep 12, 2008

Fridaaaaaayyyyy! Woot!

Omg, I have so many things to tell you!!

First... WE DOWNED TWINS LAST NIGHT!!! /cheer It's the 2nd time ever and it was like the 3rd or 4th attempt of the evening. That gives us 2 days to work on M'uru. My guild goals? I can has them!!

So we're officially a 4/6 guild again AND we didn't just kill Twins. We blew them out of the water. The loot piƱata that they are... healy neck, 3-T6 belts, uber hunter bow, plate tanking (converts to dps) shoulders, and random PvP neck dropped. And 2 badges. And some gold.

I am so crazily happy. Despite all the jerks that left us to PvP, despite the internal struggle to do the right thing, despite the gruling relearning we had on previously farmed content... We are back to where we were before and in a place that probably gives us an even better advantage at beating M'uru. The last time we downed the Eredar Twins, we had 1 holy priest left and no shadow. You need at least 2-3 shadow to pull off M'uru. Right now we have 3 active raiding ones, plus 2 holy priests. AND a crap ton of resto shamans.

Man... /huge sigh of relief and happiness We did the right thing, keeping the guild together and sticking to our full raid schedule.

Ok, now the next piece of news. Paid transfers are now open from PvE to PvP realms. The invisible "there's no way I'm trying out your guild because then I can never go back" wall for recruiting is gone!!! My life just got about 1000% easier. Also, for the record, "RP" servers are identical to normal or PvP (depending on the flavor) as far as this transfer stuff goes. Scarlet Crusade is "Normal". Woot!

/happy dance of total glee

Could things get better? Whelp... It looks like we have very promising rogue and prot warrior applications lined up. The former one interviews tonight AND he sat in on our Vent last night to get a feel for us. We impressed him, I'm pretty sure. lol I got all kinds of squee whispers from the guy.

The prot warrior slot has been a tough one to fill. For one, we can't accept anything less than perfect gear, high skill, and excellent tanking experience. We're asking someone to step in for a 8 piece T6 tank that has tanked everything up to M'uru. Basically we want the option to rotate our current tanks. Both are pretty burned out at this point and want the occasional break. Pulling 100% attendance for 2 years can wear you down a bit. I hope both of the guys work out.

Well, I'm off to expand my WoWLemmings RSS feeds to include PvP servers! Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

big congrats! and yeah, we "normal" server guilds just got a lot more confidant about getting xfers for raiders

(for the record, it is possible to heal through encapsualte damage) but no Felmyst kill ..yet! :)

have fun with the Wind Chime of Dooooom again

Hanzo said...

Hey, Val,

Thought I would drop you a note letting you know I'm a fan of your blog, and see that your are a fan of my baby, WoW Lemmings.

I have some new features coming soon, hope to see you there trying them out!