Sep 19, 2008

It's the Druids' Fault

Of course if I post that we're going to beat a boss, then we won't. After 25 tries, the Twins still stand. Why? Because of the druids. Well, the lack of them, really. We were short a resto druid and if we had our feral respec, then we were short a tank. We tried using our prot paladin to tank but that did not go well. At all. In any capacity. Evah.

So we went lifebloomless and it sucked. There's a periodic AoE stun and without decent HoT's, we just couldn't heal the tanks in time. We had priests, but renews don't offer enough total healing output.

On the bright side, our new resto druid is on the server and will be ready to roll on Sunday.

The Twins are like draenei versions of the barely clad multi-armed ladies you see roaming around outside of Sunwell. Within the general end-game raiding population, there's a lot of "omg, hot twins" mentality floating around. Normally my guild is pretty good about not getting into that crap too much but a couple of people went too far imo last night with liberal use of the word "banging". Between that and the repeated wipes, I had enough. I whispered one of our apparently sex-starved members and said as much. I also made a post on our forums this morning and referenced me providing a few hours of sensitivity training if they need it. hehe

In other news, it looks like one of the first gold sinks has hit the beta: Mammoth Caravans (linked the Alliance, Horde have the same) that cost about 14k to 16k gold. Apparently they hold 3 riders and a vendor. I'm not sure if a rider slot is taken up by the vendor, but I would assume as much.

From browsing the WoWHead site, it appears that the mount theme in Northrend is Mammoth. There's a whole host of them running about, available from various factions. I purposely got the rep I needed from nelfs just so I wouldn't have to ride on an elephant... lol

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