Sep 11, 2008


Last night I was looking forward to raiding. I even took a little 30 min power nap to be sure I was in good condition. I wanted to chew up and spit out Felmyst so we'd have LOADS of time to work on Twins this week.

We're cleaing the trash on the way to Kalecgos when I start having problems focusing my eyeballs on the screen. By the time we get pulled up in front of the giant possessed blue dragon, part of my field of vision is gone. No, I'm not a priate irl and forgot to take off my eyepatch...

I can has migraine.


It's a lot like when you stare at a bight object then look away. You have this patch that covers over some of what you're seeing. Now make it big slashes, and you've got what I get. But it doesn't fade. At least not for 30min or so.

So here I am, buffing the raid, trying to use my peripheral vision to see what's going on. I pretty much healed through Kalecgos like that, looking out the side of my eyeballs to heal the tanks. lol

We ended up beating him on the second try but I didn't want to push my luck on Brutallus. We had enough healers on by then to let me sit out. My plan was to lay on the couch until the vision stuff went away. Unfortunately I fell asleep. lol

They downed Brutallus and put in some solid attempts on Felmyst. Lich dragon - it's what's for dinner.

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