Sep 22, 2008

Locks and Brewfest

So one of our remaining 2 warlocks got hacked over the weekend. Combine that with about 5 afk posts and you end up with Gruul + calling it early last night.

I've been looking for a quality warlock for a month or so now without much luck. Over the weekend we get a solid application in for one. He's on our server and is an excellent player. He's also a member of the guild we've been buying BT raid ID's from and borrowing to fill-in occasionally.

That leaves us in a predictament. We really, really need another warlock, if not two. This guy would be a great addition. It would also pretty much end our relationship with Lok Tar Ogar, access to their BT raid ID, and give us an unwarrented "Guild Poacher" achievement. In LTO's place, I wouldn't want to continue to have my members interact with a grass-is-greener guild.

To our knowledge, no one has approached this lock about app'ing with us. He did it on his own. That won't make it seem any less underhanded, though. We have a no poaching policy, but that only extends to actively persuing members of other guilds. This guy approached us technically.

Brewfest is going strong. Bannana Shoulders (link on the right) has an excellent guide to what you need to do to maximize the number of achievements you can rack up this year. I imagine the wopertinger will be much more visible around town now that you can purchase them instead of having to complete a quest. That's been my favorite pet for a long while, topping even Jubling. I still use my Brewfest Keg to add some entertainment to raid breaks.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain on having to cancel a raid for missing a certain class type. We were all set to have a realy good chance on killing Felmyst, and then 10 people posted afk for the night. RL not happy, GL's not happy. But life happens.

Oh well, more time to game the Brefewst Kodo chances. ;-)

Last two people we had in guild that were hacked, took 2 weeks to get their accnt and gear/gold back.

Araya said...

Approach the Guild Leader of your "coop" guild and just say to them "hi, this lock has applied to us, and we need a good lock. We are considering taking him, how would you feel about that?"
If they say, "we'd rather you didn't" then respect taht, and continue to use their raid ID. If they have respect the fact thatt he came to you not the other way around, then it should be fine..should be :P

And if after all that they stop letting you use their raid ID...well then just poach him anyway :P

Valyre said...

It's rare for us to cancel a raid. We may end up in a non-Sunwell location but to toally cancel hardly ever happens. I think we could have probably spent the night on Twins (again), and none of the officers were looking forward to that prospect.

That's an interesting approach, Araya. I have a feeling we'll end up trying something like that. I'll mention it to our GM.

In the big scope of things, though, loosing a BT raid ID isn't the end of the world. It just crushes the hopes and dreams of our rogue nicknamed "Old One Glaive." lol