Sep 23, 2008


I cursed us. Never again will I assume we'll kill a boss. /sigh

Last night was another 4 hrs of wipes on Twins. We had a couple of close ones, even getting to phase 2, only to loose control and croak. We also had a lot of "omg, I didn't stop running and fell off the ledge into the bosses" moments. Too many of those, if you ask me.

We also went through many itterations of healer assignments. Ideally you want 3 direct healers total (2 pallies, 1 druid), plus 8 AoE healers. We started out with 5 and 6, respectively. Over the course of the evening, the remainder of our resto shammies managed to login. But even with the ideal group comp, we still couldn't pull out a win.

There's extended maintenance today. While it would be all kinds of awesome if it were because of a patch install, I doubt that's what's going on.

I haven't talked about it much but I'm still waiting on my Zhevra. I always thought that Blizz made you pay in advance, but that doesn't seem to be the case for Recruit-An-Alt. We started the program on August 11th. They forced us to take the 10 free days, even though we set up the account for auto-pay. You would think after the 10 days Blizz would charge us for the next month. They didn't. Instead they JUST charged us for a 1st paid month a couple of days ago.

In order to get a zhevra, we have to pay for 2 months. By my estimates, that puts me at October 21st for said mount. The RAA runs out November 11th (90 days from start), so the whole thing is kind of strange. And annoying.

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