Sep 24, 2008

I Still Enjoy WoW

Yep, I said it. While there's tons of "I'm taking a break." and "See you in Wrath!" going around, I still enjoy playing. I still raid 16hrs a week, and since it's 100% Sunwell AND we're working on progression for the most part, I'm having fun. Am I crazy? Probably.

There are still 2 things I want to accomplish, besides that whole kill Kil'jaeden thing. One is I want to get my drainei hunter to level 70. She's a ton of fun and I think I've just about worn out Terrokar Forest-of-Bland-Colors. I want to get a pet druid bird and just be level 70, poised to do some cool Wrath playing when the time comes.

I also want to level a drainy shaman. This is actually a bit higher in priority because I would like to use our RAF accounts before they run out on November 11th. Power level to 60 then see how far I can get towards 70 before Wrath sucks me back to Horde to level up my paladin.

The issue, though, isn't my motivation. It's Fozec's. He's burned out on WoW and would pretty much rather be doing most anything else. Being best buds, it's more fun to do his things with him than my things by myself. Hip attachement? We has it!

Add to that Halloween preparations. I am a HUGE fan of Halloween and do a yearly party. It takes me a solid month to decorate/plan. Last year the theme was undead. I'm thinking of adding in more of a spider feel this year. This year I'm also making a costume for one of our nephews. He wants to be a snowman. This isn't something I seem to be able to find at Wal-mart, so I've been converting a pumpkin pattern. My 375 in tailoring hasn't helped me much, I can tell you that.

So... Hunter and Shaman may or may not get some love. It's not the end of the world since once I hit max level, I'm not sure I have any other plans. I just like draenei. hehe


Fish said...

I like draenei too (cant really share that with my horde friends), my personal fav is a warrior thats also a JC with first aid, its like "look, I'm a warrior, and I'm healing myself!"

Valyre said...

It will be our secret. :)