Sep 29, 2008

I Break* for BlizzCon

There are two points of interest on this fine Monday morning. The first is my guild has announced a 1.5 week break. You will recall that we took a week off about a month ago. Well, the past 3 raids were cancelled due to low attendance so we decided to pull the trigger. We'll be back to raiding about the same time as patch 3.0, so I'm hopeful that will peak people's interest enough to field a 25-man.

The second bit of news is that DirectTV + Blizzard = Can't order BlizzCon online. Am I surprised? Hardly. The cherry on top is that the FAQ link just takes you to the same page you're already on. I'm hoping/assuming that I can just go home and order it from the tv guide thing.

BlizzCon coverage will be... lengthly. It's 1:30pm to 11:30pm EST on Fri and 2pm-12am on Sat. TiVo will be monitoring the situation on Friday since we don't plan on taking off work to watch tv. On Saturday we're going to have some rl WoW-playing friends over. They are Alliance. Expect a brawl. Or Rock Band, if it gets boring.

I'm pretty excited about watching BlizzCon from the comfort of our own home. For one, traversing the entire continent is tiring. Secondly, I did not enjoy the seating arrangements last year. If you wanted a good seat (ie. able to see more than a speck) you pretty much couldn't move from your $5 folding chair. Well, unless it was to move up to some seats someone foolishly left. By about the 3rd panel discussion, I couldn't feel much of anything that had contact with said unpadded chair. It also meant we were stuck watching things we didn't really have much interest in.

You laugh but for some panels, it was standing room only. People were sitting on the floor. GG Blizz planning. There also wasn't really much else to do if you weren't a smoker. We did the Wrath test run (my game crashed and the sound died, giving me the full experience lol) and bought some t-shirts.

This year we'll have a stocked fridge, way comfy couches, and the ability to fastforward. muhahaha

*Spelling Pun-ishment

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Christopher said...

Are you predicting that 3.0 will land next week, giving you about a week to play around with the new talents and abilities before heading back into raiding?

It's worth reiterating that my Alliance loyalties are tenuous at best. The "New Horde" (excluding Forsaken and perhaps Blood Elves) are the real good guys of Azeroth. The fat, lazy nobles of Lordaeron nearly wiped out all life on the planet through their inaction and dismissal of the warnings delivered by Medivh. Medivh knows a thing or two. You might have heard, he used to be a Guardian.


Every time we travel, we'll always wear our opposing faction shirts. I usually wear my Horde shirt first, which puts her in Alliance. We will randomly trade insults at one another throughout the day. I can rest assured that whatever jab I throw her way, I'm likely to be greeted with a retort of "Horde slut..." I don't know how that came to be, but it's sort of her staple now.

Totally looking forward to BlizzCon! We'll bring Rock Band 2, but we're going to have to draw straws for who has to sing. I'm willing to do it, but since I don't have an embarrassment reflex and Mel does, she might not be too keen on the idea. =D