Sep 30, 2008

BlizzCon Via DirecTV

I've been trying to order BlizzCon from DirecTV. It's been a bit tricky so I figured I'd cover the online ordering steps here, should anyone else need them. We're existing members, so this won't include the new service portion, nor the apparent hassle people are experiencing by calling the 1-800 number.

From the WoW website, you'll find a link to the DirecTV BlizzCon ad. Unfortunately it's only a picture. In order to actually purchase the PPV (pay-per-view) package, you need to go under Events.

From there, scroll down to find BlizzCon. At the time of this post, Standard Definition (SD) is "Coming Soon" for $39.95 and High Definition (HD) is available for $49.95. The extra $10 for HD isn't real. When you go to purchase it, it's still the $39.95 price. Also, it appears that each day costs this amount, which again isn't true. One price purchases both days. Lastly, when you purchase it through the HD version, you still get the SD channel option. I'm not sure if they could make this more confusing.

One thing to keep in mind is while you can record a PPV Event like BlizzCon on TiVo, it will auto-delete itself 24 hrs after you purchase it/start recording. This pretty much crushes my dreams of watching Friday's coverage on Saturday, since they start about 24hrs from each other. GG thinking out the details, DirecTV.

So, I went to Events and selected BlizzCon HD for October 10th. You'll note that they're actually showing it on 3 channels, 97 (HD), 120 (SD), and 194 (HD). At this point you need to click the Select Time button. From here you'll need to either register or login, depending on which applies to your situation.

Once you're logged in, you get some different payment options. Pick one and you're done. The channel it indicates for me is 97 (HD). Also, according to their site, the bear/murloc mounts will be sent via smail in 4-6 weeks, with an ETA of October 24th.

In other BlizzCon news, they've announced that Jay Mohr will be hosting the contests. He must need the money since last year was terrible. A lot of people were yelling out things at him and boo'ing his supposed comedy routine. It was painfully obvious he had never played WoW in his life.

They're also doing some sort of 2 cameras walking around with some anchors at a central desk thing. I would rather they just set up a camera on the main panel area and leave it at that. I managed just fine without commentary last year.

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