Sep 5, 2008

Back At Raiding

As most of you know, my guild took a week off from raiding. It was mostly to combat officer burnout, but overall I think it did a lot of good. People seem much more refreshed and ready to go.

Wednesday was our first day back. We 2-shotted Kalecgos and 1-shotted Brutallus before calling it due to a lack of priests for Felmyst. Last night we put in some decent attempts on Felmyst but the priest situation hasn't been fixed.

It actually got to the point where I brought in my priest to provide mass dispels. Yeah... According to WoW Heroes, she's geared for somewhere between Mags and early SSC. I actually raided with her until about half-way through SSC but passed on all the lewt (since I knew I was switching mains). She was in sad shape, to be sure. Blue boots in SWP. >.< She only had 8.7k health with stam food. We normally require a 10k health minimum.

All of that being said, I had lots of fun running and healing at the same time. Renews, CoH, and Flashes were good times. Her UI was all messed up, though, so it was a bit like a freak show of things randomly showing up or alarming. I got it in decent, useable shape between wipes. My main job was to MD two groups, though, and I tried my best.

People whispered me after the raid, saying I needed to power-gear Mart up so she was raid-viable. Uh... Easier said than done. For one, we only have 3 paladins in the entire guild. Me playing a priest would leave a hole. Secondly, I don't think people realize what Mart is wearing. I mentioned the blue boots. Add some other level ~130 crap and you'll start to see the problem. I need 100's of badges, thousands of arena points, or tens of thousands of honor. Or a number of runs through content we no longer farm.

Also, I would like to bring up that I've suggested me switching twice before and feedback was negative. The first time I asked, we were still farming MH/BT so it would have been much, much easier.


Anonymous said...

Glad that the small break seemed to refresh your guild :) If it makes you feel any better about the usefulness of preists in Sunwell, we were short an spriest for Brut the other night, so the our lead pally switched to his spriest (he had rerolled pally during the time we were working on the first few bosses in SSC too), but our mages and locks really needed the VT. It worked. We shocked ourselves with a 1-shot.

For Felmyst, we had to ask one guy to switch to his pvp disco priest for the night. He's got good reflexes for the mass dispell at least from arena!

And a question re: Felmyst-- have your healers ever tried to just heal through Encapsulate damage with the groups standing still instead of running away?

Valyre said...

People always ask if we can "just heal through encap". So far, everytime we've tried, we've failed. What we have groups do is run from one group spot to another. That way we can CoH and chain heal them while they're running (since they're all running together).

In order to beat Felmyst, you need to have everyone alive until the last phase transition or so. From a theorycrafting standpoint, it never made sense to me to have people take more damage than was needed. I blow enough mana on phase 2, I don't need extra load in phase 1.