Aug 27, 2008


So the "25-Man break for at least a week" went out this morning. The responses have mostly been frowny faces. The only part about this whole thing that bothers me is that we're giving up on SWP, at least until the patch comes out. I don't like throwing in the towel on stuff.

Beyond that, though, there's a weight lifted off me. I don't have to wipe in SWP every night on bosses that should be on farm. I also don't have to spent hours every single day recruiting and basically begging people to join our guild. I get to do what's fun for me, and at this point it's finishing some stuff on my paladin and working on alts.

One thing that will be very new on the raiding scene is 10-man raiding progression in the expansion. Kara and ZA exist but I wouldn't call 2 instances a viable raiding path. They're a glass ceiling for 10-man raiding guilds and merely a stepping stone for 25-man guilds.

Fozec and I have been tossing around the idea of forming a close 10-man raid group that would meet a few times a week. Playing with a few good people that we like has a lot of appeal right now, especially since half of our current guild are pretty much strangers. I enjoy healing more when there's less healers in the group, too. It tends to make each one more important to the success of the raid. And with the changes to group composition philosophy (via talents/abilities) I won't be sidelined because I only have direct heals. I should be able to pull off a decent impression of a holy priest. ;)

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