Aug 29, 2008


The "Raid or Not to Raid" saga continues. There's a small group that are happy to take a break. There's a more vocal other group that doesn't seem to comprehend the situation. If every single active member showed up, we might have enough to raid. Do I see people declaring their perfect attendance from here on out? Not hardly.

So what do you do when you don't give 100% but expect the officers to not only do that but solve all of the guild's attendance issues? You qq. You threaten to leave. You try to come up with solutions that in no way point to your own failings as the problem. You stick your head in the sand.

I've had exactly 2 weeks break from raiding since BC came out (excluding major holiday's). The first was to go to BlizzCon and the second was to vist my grandparents. The people that are upset will just randomly disappear for a few weeks to do whatever. Or they sleep through raids. Or they take announced breaks. The issue is the officers can't take breaks. There's no one to fill in since 3 of them are MT's.

The way the game is designed, we haven't had much success with a second string of MT's. If you love tanking, you're not going to want to dps all the time and visa versa. There's also the gear factor. SWP is unforgiving on tanks. You either have your A-game or you go home. Fozec has every tanking item from Felmyst and below plus full consumables and still gets 2-shotted fairly often on Brutallus.

In actuality, I've been trying to recruit 3 more tanks for the past 2 months. We saw this officer burnout coming and tried to recruit through it. We have been able to add 0 new tanks. It's hard to explain that you're recruiting them to replace people with 100% attendance. It just doesn't compute.

What the guild doesn't realize is that if we continue to raid, the GM will be taking a break regardless. Fozec and the other prot warrior MT have been burned out for a couple of months but keep doing out of dedication to the rest of the guild. I'm the only one pushing to continue and I flip-flop on those feelings daily. On Wed I was starting to feel hopeful again, but today I've pessimistic about the whole thing.

And while our raiding future is in limbo, I can't really recruit anyone. What do I tell them? lol

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