Aug 26, 2008

For the Record

Just to be clear, I'm not going anywhere. I have tons of stuff I still want to accomplish in-game, plus a number of WoW-centric projects on the side.

For one, I just put the nail in the coffin that is my prot set. I picked up the car door off Illidan last night. It. Looks. Awesome. on me. Srsly. I need to post picts. Now my plan includes learning how to tank so I can help out on the bear runs the night our ret/prot pally can't make it.

I also have 2 alts to get to level 70, mage and hunter. Plus I want to play the beta and give the new healadin talents a good whirl in 5-mans. AND you'll be continually bored by my website creation exploits.

I expect to still be doing stuff and have stories to tell. They just won't be about the millionth wipe on Boss X. Also, with me quitting WoW Insider, I'm hoping to turn this site into something with more depth and maybe a redesign of its own. It's not really the end of anything. Just the breather before raiding hits full-force again!

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