Aug 26, 2008

Friday's Post

This is Friday's post that never got sent. Stoopid emails...

Hmmm... What to tell you about WoW... We downed Brutallus again. We got pretty close on Felmyst. I totally did a nub job on one of the attempts and got insta-killed. The server rezraeped me a bunch of times. I'm still not sure what happened there. We wiped. I released and started running back. I got a "Resurrect?" box right as I hit the bridge, so I clicked it. I was alive but back at the graveyard. I start running back towards SWP again. I get killed by 5 mobs. I release. I run back again. This time I actually make it inside. Meanwhile the whole raid is watching me die and rez over and over. lol

I got an email from Yahoo again, after I asked them htf I was supposed to upload new tables to MySQL if the server doesn't have write access. /headdesk They replied with something about how lots of people were having problems with MySQL and they were really sorry. Oh, so suddenly it's not my fault? Nice. You could have agreed with me that 2 weeks ago when I said it wasn't my fault.

I've officially given up on recovering our previous forums. I'd been hoping I could at least grab some info off them, but no dice. I'd like to finish moving over to the new host this weekend and then cancel my Yahoo accounts.

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