Aug 26, 2008

Beginning of the Beginning

Well, today sometime the announcement will be rolled out to the guild. We're going casual until WotLK. The number of people burned out on raiding has slowed down but by no means stopped. Less and less people are looking for new guilds on the forums. If I'm lucky, I'll come across 1 viable person out of 4-5 we're looking to get, and we just can't compete with the 6/6 SWP guilds.

I feel bad for the people that recently joined and I totally expect some people to /gquit and go somewhere else. But we cancelled Sunday's raid due to missing 3 people, and we wouldn't have been able to do BT last night unless there were people wanting to go from the guild we bought the half-clear raid ID from.

At this point many people want to work on alts for the expansion, or do regular bear runs to get their mounts. I have a beta key that I have yet to even play! Plus with today's blue post announcement (about the pre-expac content patch), it's really not going to be that long before Wrath is here.

This doesn't mean the website is on hold, though! If anything, it's got to be even better so we can attract new peeps once expac raiding hits. I had a breakthrough last night on the design. Lich Dragon ftw. Adios giant runeblade sword! (At least off the front page.) Now I just need to convince the news part that Arial really is what all the cool kids are using.

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Anonymous said...

Bear runs are fun, and you can do them more than once a week. I imagine that the switch to casual was a tough decision, but seems like a good choice, to give people their summer break before Wrath.

I just wish that Blizz had waited a little longer to announce the new content patch, which-- they said before they were _not_ going to do. With the changes to talents and spells, how are we supposed to continue with bosses that are designed for the old talents and cooldowns?

Getting through Twins and getting some solid tries on M'uru seems like a great accomplishment for a guild that doesn't raid the hours of the really hard core ones. Heck, I'm trilled my little 35 man-3 day a week, 3 hour raid guild got as far as Brut down. We'll get some tries on Felmyst, and hopefully a look at the Twins before we decide to stop and just pvp/bear run ZA.

Anyhow, it's been really enjoyable reading your blog for the Sunwell stories and all.