Aug 4, 2008

Darkest Before Dawn

Folks, if that saying is true, it was pitch black last night.  We spend 4 hours clearing Bloodboil and Mother.  Council?  Illidan?  Still alive and kicking.
Talk about freaking embarrassing.  We actually reached the enrage on Council and wiped.  Seriously.  I'm not making this up.  It's like a 23 min timer for crying out loud!  I wanted to /headdesk until I passed out.
We just couldn't interrupt to save our lives.  No exaggeration, every melee in the raid was on the priest at one point and I still saw 2 divine wraths getting through.  UGGGGHHHH!
Ahem...  Anyways, we got a new priest in the guild and I haven't given up on begging more to join us.  I am basically an expert at farming lowbie zones for 30c so I can contact people via in-game mails.  Hint: don't forget your starting gear has some value, too.  I've added "tank" to our list, too, since I think our current ones could use some standby time to prevent burnout.
I will see Kil'jaeden dead, darn it.  And I will take his lewts.
In other news I made a tauren Deathknight of Doom and Tiny Riding Ponies (DKoDaTRP).  While I've done zero research in their class mechanics, I seemed to do well enough just keeping everything on cool down.  Whack-a-mole skillz?  I has them!
I was about to assault New Avalon when it was time to interview a resto druid.  Other beta'ers in my guild (all pallies, muhahaha) have their DK's almost to level 70.  It's so much fun being the real, true bad guys (no grey areas when you're hunting down and slaughtering villagers), that I might see if I can re-enlist with the Lich King rather than go all Horde at the end.
I think I could bring a lot to the table.  For one, I have dedication. If the Lich King says I need to plunder villages 4 nights a week, from 7pm to 11pm CST, I'm there.  I can also figure out things pretty quickly.  That quest mob that is juuuussst out of reach?  I set up insta-quest text and after a few jumps, got it.  I'm also good at taking orders.  If you want me to first stand in a pile, then spread out, then stand in a pile, then stand in little piles, then run around for 30 sec, I can do it.  It's called Brutallus.

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Anonymous said...

Eeeyah, sounds familiar. We'd brought in a new shadow priest and mage, so took them to BT to gear up/try them out. Did fine on everything up to Mother, people tripped on furnature a couple times, blowing up the tanks. We said eff-it, change strat to have everyon in 2 groups, rather than our old 4 camp strat. Messy but better. Eeked out a win on Council, thanks for the 4 b-rezzes, and then wiped on phase 2 Illidan until the raid leader called it, ordering everyone sternly to get their focus back.

It worked, went back and 1-shot Illy in our fastest time yet. Though went on to wipe on Kalecgos the rest of the night.

Anyhow, sorry not much point to this reply, but it happens to the best of guilds. g'luck next raid-- starting fresh seems to help a lot.