Aug 1, 2008

Another Day, Another Raid (Sorta)

We cleared SWP trash last night and called it.  We were 1 direct healer short to do Kalec and 2 direct healers short of Brutallus.  Also, one of our resto shammies can't stay connected in SWP.  He DC's at the start of every pull.  It took him 6 DC's to just run out of the instance.
I spent most of the evening chatting with a holy priest that we interviewed a couple days ago.  At the end of the interview, I had the impression we'd never hear from him again.  Then he emailed me the next day.  Then he wanted to talk some more on Vent last night.  His raiding background is very similar to mine and I think he's just nervous about transferring servers.
In other news, I got an email from one of our holy priests.  Apparently he was in an accident and suffered some head trauma.  I don't think he's making it up.  The email was crazy hard to read with its one giant run-on sentence and kind of meandering train of thought.
I posted hopefully what can be construed as an inspirational post on our forums today.  I think it's good sometimes to remind people that we're all in this together and, much like the Cylons, we have a plan.


Anonymous said...

Wow, poor priest with the head trauma. We lost one of our players after his gf's sister was killed in a car accident, reprioritized his life and WoW was not part of it. And recently our main ot is mia again, we have theories, but hope he wasn't in some accident too. It's tough when real life trauma breaks into the fantasy world of Warcraft. That feels insensitive to say, but raiding is a matter of team building and keeping that team motivated and focused.

Good luck with the recruits.

Cynra said...

Ack! I'm a priesty person who had head trauma some years ago following a car accident (the vehicle that I was in was t-boned by a semi truck). It's a a huge ordeal, trying to make sense of the world as your brain rewires all of those lovely pathways. For months I swore that I was hearing voices and the walls were bleeding. Really overwhelming.

Here's hoping that he gets better soon!