Aug 5, 2008


We repeatedly wiped against Kalecgos last night after basically one-shotting the rest of BT.  It's mildly discouraging that we're back to teaching a significant chunk of the guild how to do SWP.  That being said, it's not like we didn't see it coming.  You can look around and see the same thing happening to a thousand other guilds.
I'm still happy to be back in SWP, even if it's to relearn things I already know how to do.  We've picked up a holy priest, resto druid, resto shammy, and mage over the past week.  Zomiel was back from vacation last night, so that's a good sign.  No one has posted about an alien abduction being the reason they've stopped playing.  Life ain't too bad, all things considered.
On the DK front, I merciously slaughtered a bunch of cowering peasants before the raid last night.  AND I stole their cooking pot!  muhahaha  I also tortured soldiers with hot pokers until they told me the information I needed.  (Yes, I lied when I said I'd let you live if you told me.)  I'm just about all in blues and haven't even hit level 57.
It's an interesting mentality, being a death knight.  It's more cut-throat or something.  I don't have any qualms grabbing a mob from another player, or scooping up ones that are trying to flee from someone (yes, they'll actually see you and try to run away).  On the flip side, though, I don't get irritated when another DK steals the mob I was aiming for.  They're not supposed to be nice, so I don't have that expectation.

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