Aug 21, 2008

1% Wipes FTL

I'd say 99% of the time on Brutallus, it's a tank dying that wipes the raid. Being a MT healer 97.5% of that 99%, it's frustrating and pretty much unhealable spike damage we're facing. But last night was a different story. We wiped to enrage 3 times because our dps was too low. /boggle

Since when does our dps suck? Not last week, or the week before... All I know is as far as wipes go, these ones felt pretty good. It's not too often healers can talk smack to the dps. Omg, qq moar about having "low group synergy." Try successfully MT healing with no shaman or SP mana loving, kk? I did it. lol

Anyways, my journey into the land of Apple continues. I've been reading website how-to manuals because I am really that boring. I think I can pull off a new guild website that's about 1k times better than the snow bunny crap we have now.

I got an email from Yahoo yesterday saying I resolved the problems with our forums (me, not them) and they've had no problems accessing them. I just about died laughing. I don't know where they were, but our forums have 2 tables missing, rendering the site completely worthless. I responded with "lol nice try" as a closer.

I got a nice email in response with possibly the information I've been looking for. I'm not getting my hopes up, though.

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