Aug 19, 2008

At least We Have Brutallus

Last night we pulled off a pretty big first - we killed Brutallus with a resto shammy on the MT and two paladins on burns.  While this may not be the awesome comeback you were expecting, it's been a major stumbling block for us in the past.  We can't rely on a constant group comp so knowing that it's ok to mix things up a bit is progress.
We then spent the rest of the evening wiping on Felmyst.  Honest analysis is we weren't even close.  Too many people are dying in phase 1.  I tried explaining that over Vent but it didn't seem to help.  I'm not sure what the solution is.
I'm about to hit level 44 on my mage.  We were out in Dustwallow Marsh killing dragonkin in the new-ish goblin area last night.  I'm fire spec'd since I'm not going to be playing solo anytime soon.  Fozec doesn't really need help killing stuff, so I tend to favor the quick cast scorch and fire blast rather than trying to get a fireball off.
While mage is fun, I still prefer my hunter and paladin.  They seem to have more bonus features I enjoy, like tracking mob types and being able to heal.  I do think having an alt Horde-side that can kill a mob in less than 5 minutes and knows how to pick flowers is a definite plus, though.
One idea Fozec and I have been tossing around is leveling up some Alliance alts once we're done with our Horde ones.  The idea is right now we have Horde tank/healer/dps but on Alliance there's only dps/dps.  We'd like a tank/healer to round things out.  I'm seriously considering doing a draenei shaman.  Yes, yes...  I've made like 10 shamans at this point, none making it past level 15.  But those were Tauren shamans.  Space goats are totally different!  And I've come to grips with the whole "don't bother with totems while leveling" thing.  Honest.  If I can play a holy paladin, I can understand the concept of hardly useful game mechanics!


kanye said...

Totally agree on the totems point. I'm a long-term holy pally, after numerous false starts I've finally managed to get my first shaman past level 20 and having a blast (enhancement seems to be the most fun, still able to heal through Deadmines without any problems). Last night I ended up in a group of 4 for a solo quest in Darkshire, was asked by the other shaman, "don't you use totems?". Er no, what's the point when the mobs are dead by the time I've dropped any totems?!

Just need to find out now (being a healer at heart) when to respec to resto...

Christopher said...

I fully support your idea of rolling a shaman. I grinded mine out to 70 this weekend and have since rampaged MrT and the first four bosses in Karazhan (which oddly dropped four pieces of usable mail!). We've discussed at length my views on totemic stupidity in the past, and I still largely feel the same way. Also keep in mind that from about level 18 to level 60, young Aquinna wore clown armor without ever upgrading. The challenge never really became unmanageable, and only rarely would I need to drop totems to give me that extra edge over mobs.

In Outland, I found that totems gave me the boost I needed to easily take on most elites one or sometimes two levels above me. In dungeons and Karazhan, they're essential, and I've set up a cast sequence macro to take care of one-button totemmification.

Having leveled a paladin to end-game first -- and Holy, no less! -- I can say shaman a fun class. Damage output rivaling that of a rogue, plus ghost wolf, plus healing? Yes, please.

@Kanye: I've been hoarding gear to hop over to Resto, since I'm a healer at heart like you. My wife keeps advising me against it, because every single one of my characters is either a healer or support role. She thinks it's good for me to see the "other side", and I humbly submit myself to her wisdom.

That and it's hella crazy fun watching 4,000 points of health fall away in a Windfury'd dual weild critstorm (whilst still geared in greens). =D