Aug 18, 2008

Alts and GQuits

Did you think I'd just leave you with a website post?  Hardly.
Over the weekend we played our warrior/mage alts using the recruit-an-alt program.  There are three other people in the guild working on the same thing: trying to get alts to level 70 for the expansion.  For me, the mage will become my flower picking alt, but for Fozec it'll be reroll time.
It's insane how fast you level, especially when level 40-ish quests are worth ~17k xp each.  We cleared SM a few more times then did a round of RFD.  Now that I know portals, being able to summon each other isn't as huge of a deal, but it's still handy.
Guild-wise we've had some interesting events.  While our forums were down, a recruit took it upon himself to gquit via a lovely WoW realm forums post.  His complaint was that he'd been in the guild for 5 weeks and was still a recruit.  If my math is correct, he spent 2 of those weeks on vacation and another 2 fulfilled the minimum recruit requirements.  His healing numbers had been low but other members had been helping him out.  Oh, and he's like 6/8 T6 now.  But yeah, feel free to QQ on the realm forums.  It's not like you couldn't just email the officers.  lol
I think we're also going to loose 2 more people to burnout/no will to keep going.  So I'm back to recruiting full-force.  On the bright side, the recruits we do have seem really good.  I'm hoping we'll down Felmyst this week.

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Captain The First said...

People will make up the weirdest reasons to gquit. Usually right after you've been gearing them for a few weeks.

Population numbers will pick up after the summer in which case your recruitment pool should be pretty full again.