Jul 31, 2008

Moar Peeps, Less QQ'ing

I let the other officers know how I feel - that I want to continue raiding even if they want to take a break.  Maybe I was a spark of hope, or maybe they just needed to know someone still wanted all this, but it was decided to keep on trucking.
Oh, and also I'm in charge of recruiting.  lol  We added a warlock and a mage last night.  I've chatted with a holy priest and resto shammy.  I've contacted about 3 more healers and 2 more dps today to generate interest in my guild.  I also checked the AFK section of the forums.  Four people will be returning from vacation on the 3rd of August (-hopefully, you know how these things can go).  I also emailed one of our holy priests that had dropped off the face of the earth.
So I'm happily plugging along, hoping we have enough people on tonight to do some content.  People want me to stick with my pally so that's what I'm doing.  I must have really sucked on my priest back in the day.  hehe
Last night the new mage was making full use of his sheep breaking addon.  It would report over raid chat who broke his sheep, but more than that, it would keep track of how many times each person did it.  The higher number you went, the more agitated the addon would become, calling people names and the like.  It reached epic proportions on Fozec, the designated sheep breaker.  It was basically yelling and calling him a moron.  The healers were making bets on at what point the addon would go totally postal and destroy the raid.  I went with 12.  One of our ferals in the channel commented that at 25, the addon would kill someone irl.  LOL
We cleared up to and including RoS, then switched to SWP.  It wasn't pretty, folks.  As much as I would like to believe that resto shammies can MT heal, repeated experiments in this field have failed.  We also had a lot of curse deaths due to 2 new-to-the-fight mages trying to figure out a way to stay alive AND decurse.  They proved, without a doubt, that they can't decurse while taking a dirt nap.  Scratch that one off your Raid Theory list.
In other news, I suck at playing the beta.  I've logged in twice but it seems like something always comes up.  I want to go in there and test out all the healadin loving that's happened, but it just hasn't happened.  I also need to finish my WI article.  It's 90% complete for crying out loud.

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agador said...

Hehe, either that or you're a good paladin that they don't want to see switch classes :P

Oh and is that a readily available addon (i.e on curse, wowace, etc) at all? I'm pretty sure there are a couple mage guildies that would get a kick out of it