Aug 18, 2008

Quiet, But Only Here

I haven't posted much, but not because I haven't been busy.  In fact, I've had too much stuff to do and coming to grips with it all has taken a ton of time.  What happened, you say?  Our forums went into error mode last Wednesday.
When they went down, I contacted our host, Yahoo.  We hadn't changed anything on our end, coding or otherwise.  From various interweb findings, the error was most likely caused by a power blip on their end.  Their solution was for me to delete our forums and reinstall them.  Uh...  Between all of the seemingly random config hoops I've jumped through for Yahoo and the fact that I can't just recreate the 2 tables that died, but have to start over...  I'd had enough.
So I researched web hosts, found a new one, and did a forums recovery there.  So our forums were back, but the most recent backup I had of them was a month old.  -50 DKP for me.  I filled in the important posts that could remember and went public with it.
Another downside is I've been gimping along using Yahoo's sitebuilder for a while now.  I'm no professional website designer.  I just need something that looks decent when people visit it.  Obviously Yahoo's software isn't going to play nicely with the new host.  And their software is the suck.
So I'm straddling two hosts right now.  One has the forums and the other has the website.  Doing more research into the land of websites for nubs software, RapidWeave ($50) has gotten lots of good reviews.  Unfortunately it's for mac only.  But I've been wanting a macbook.  So I ordered one today (after more research).  It should be here tomorrow or Wed.
And if I have to redo the website, why not really redo it?  Right now I'd rate it somewhere between lame and just plain sad.  So I worked this weekend on some new designs.  Giant runeblades ftw, I always say.

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