Jul 7, 2008

Weekend Encap

Things that have happened since we last chatted:
1. Fozec's lock got his dreadsteed
2. My drainy hunter dinged level 65 in DM West, of all places
3. We won at heroic MaT, and I didn't even get a lousy t-shirt
4. Fozec respec'd Val as prot and off-tanked another ZA, another bear mount achieved
5. I got into an argument on negative QQ'ing vs constructive input
6. We wiped a million times on Felmyst, which was still better than doing MH
7. Farmed the mats to get Fozec's lock's cooking from 250 to +300
8. Had considerable login issues with Vent, uninstalling/repairing did not help
All in all, we managed to accomplish a lot, even though I spent significant time working on our yard instead of gaming.  We also watched the Hulk, which wasn't as bad as I expected.
I had two WoW-related dreams this weekend.  The first was about attempting Brutallus.  We were changing up our strat and going with an arc.  This is actually the alt strat for Felmyst, but I guess my brain wasn't really paying attention to details.  Anyways, my job is to get everyone lined up correctly, especially concerning the right spacing of healers.  But instead of player characters, we were fighting Brutallus with a marching band.  In uniform.  In front of a crowd.  I was stressing out because I couldn't figure out which instruments would be the healers.  I figured flutes would work, but the sound of people healing out of sync with everyone else wasn't going to be good.
The second dream was more like a stressful nightmare.  Felmyst healing, but this time I was completely stressing out.  People were taking damage too fast and I just couldn't keep up.  We kept wiping because I wasn't doing my job.  And it was one of those fights that was so long, you feel exhausted when you have to start all over again.  I'd be doing the best I could for like 15 min and then just start loosing people.

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Anonymous said...

HAha! I love the idea of fighting Brut with a marching band. Sounds like the stories of the Scots using bagpipes to freak out the enemey.

We had our first real night on Brut, yikes! We can make the enrage now, but dps is not sure they are up to it. Took us half the night to realize there's a portal to Kalecgos' room. oops