Jul 3, 2008

Moar SWP

Last night we had the right comp for SWP so we went for it.  Brutallus was our second clean kill, meaning zero deaths and we didn't get to the enrage.  It was about the 10th attempt on him of the evening, though.  For some reason we just can't keep the tanks alive and I don't get it.  When I was on tank healing, it was a non-issue with 3 healers.  Now we're having to use 4, but the numbers don't really reflect what's causing that (i.e. no one is slacking).  Granted, there are some random elements to the fight that can easily end things early, like two 11k hits and a 10k hit within the same second.  Sad.
The biggest thing from my point of view was having a resto druid help on burns instead of a resto shaman.  HUGE difference in the amount of healing I had to contribute.  I went from serious mana issues even with a SP to being the tank group's aura provider.  It's all about timing.  Burns are a 60 sec increasing damage buff.  But the amount it starts out at is really low, like 100.  Counting down from 60 sec, at the 20 sec mark is when I start the occasional Flash.  I have a rank 7 Light hit at 10 sec and then max Light until the buff wears off.  Easy peasy compared to the full Lights healing I was doing last time.
From a healer standpoint, this fight is one of those team building exercises where you have to rely on the other healers to do their jobs so you can do yours.  For example, none of the tank or burn healers have time to heal themselves.  It's up to the raid healers have to keep us all alive.  Likewise, if someone gets burned, they can't stop what they're doing to heal themselves.  It's up to the burn healers to manage the damage.  There is zero cross-healing on this fight, which is a strange concept after MH/BT.
One last thing on Brutallus...  I can has the T6 belt!  Woot!  This bumps me to 6 pieces of T6, although I don't actually wear the gloves.  Now I'm in prime position to pick up the trash shoulders (should they ever drop) and retain the 4 piece set bonus.  Adios ZA belt.  :D

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