Jul 9, 2008

Sick and Tired, Now with Moar SM!

You haven't heard much from me lately because I got sick.  Like with a fever and everything.  :(
Last night we took our alts (warrior/mage) for a spin in good ol' Scarlet Monastery.  Fozec's main went along to actually do the dirty work.  I just stood there and occasionally croaked via my awesome aggro abilities.  It's amazing how far mobs can see when you're 6 levels lower.  muahahaha
We ran SM maybe 5 times and took our alts from level 29 to 32, plus bags of green items.  Fozec's warrior is now the proud owner of 3 pieces of SM gear.  Not bad, not bad.  If only he had the levels to use them.  lol
In other news, I've been reading some really solid blogs today that contained excellent tips and advice.  The first is Mystic Chicanery's How to annoy all the other healers (without even realizing it).  Basically she explains what I've always suspected but could never prove: Grid >> All.  The best thing, though, is she told me what I needed my healers to do so I could see everyone's incoming heals on Grid.  [Kiss]x1000  Go read her post for all the great details.  I've added her on the blogroll.
The second post comes from Chick GM's Ask Auz: Too many healers and not enough loot.  While the original question isn't something I can directly relate to right now, I can totally see it happing down the road.  We're having to build up to 9 healer slot fights before we feel the crunch of only 6 healer slots.  But she gave me the inspiration to try again at getting my healers to put together gear lists of what they still need.
There are a couple of "I'm too cool to be a team player" types that tend to put a damper on what I'm trying to achieve.  But honestly, if you can't tell me what gear you need, am I really supposed to believe you're taking the time to read about the latest theorycrafting?

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