Jul 18, 2008

Twins Dead! :D

It feels good to be back to real raiding again, not the boring farming crap we've been stuck doing while 25% of our guild got geared up.  We downed the Eredar Twins last night, achieving a Scarlet Crusade server first, and propelling ourselves somewhere in the neighborhood of the top 800 guilds in the world and top 350 guilds in the US.  That should help on recruiting, right?
For the record, farming is a necessary evil and I have 100% attendance for said runs (except for that week of vacation where I missed 2).  That doesn't mean they're fun or I have to like them, though.
Man, it was awesome downing another SWP boss.  Fozec and I hi-fived while various yells and cheers erupted over Vent.  Twins are a loot piñata when you kill them.  I think there were 5 epics plus 4 sunmotes.  The off-hand healer book dropped and one of our paladins nearly had a melt-down trying to decide whether to get that or the shield off M'uru.  In the end she passed but then had immediate non-buyer's remorse when another healer snagged it.  We also had the healer mace drop.  Fozec nabbed an uber tanking cloak that looks freaking awesome!  They also had a off-hand fist weapon and a semi-crappy PvP neck.  I might have missed another loot in there, too.
We cleared the trash up to M'uru and said hello.  We didn't bother to even read the strat.  I gave out the same healing assignments we'd used on trash and charged on in.  Death was painful but quick.  lol  We called it a night and plan to be back in there Sunday.


Christopher said...

YES!! This is stellar news, and you're really riding this momentum, considering that it wasn't too long ago you overcame Felmyst!

d (^_^) b

Darraxus said...

Grats to you and Ascent. I play on your server, though for a less progressed guild on the Alliance side (Reborn) where I ama tank. Seems that you and Eternal have been neck and neck since SWP game out.

Ratshag said...

Is big Congo Rats!